Timeless Elegance: Drape Yourself in Silk Sarees

Timeless Elegance: Drape Yourself in Silk Sarees

Silk sari have always been known on the Indian subcontinent. Since then, thanks to the many traders who have visited the country, weavers have been introduced to the technique of silk making. Pure silk sarees made from the finest mulberry silk are quite expensive and are treated as luxury goods. No wedding or traditional event is complete without the hostess wearing her finest silk sari. With dozens of different varieties of silk saris made in different regions of India, we are definitely spoiled for choice! Get on board and discover some of the latest and hottest silk saree designs.

Meaning of silk sari:

Silk sari are indispensable for every Indian wardrobe! These saris are usually passed down to the next generations and treated as family heirlooms. Silk sari are always in great demand on the international market. The highest quality of the silk used in these curtains is incomparable to others. No doubt why it costs a fortune to buy a single piece, but is worth every penny!

Characteristics of silk sari:

Here are some interesting features of silk sari:

  • About 97% of Indian silk sari are made from pure mulberry silk threads
  • Depending on the type of weave, silk fabrics are offered in various designs such as brocade, pot-thanks, mashru, amru, etc.
  • Silk sari were popularized during the Mughal era, when these curtains were royal favorites
  • They were originally made for the aristocratic class and unreachable for citizens
  • The high price of these saris makes them pretty exclusive for important events
  • Popular silk saree varieties are Mysore silk, Assam silk, Kanchipuram silk, Banarasi and Pochampally, which are each named after their place of origin.

Preferred age group for silk sari:

Women of all ages prefer these saris. In fact, older and middle-aged women always choose silk sari as their first choice. With many modern designs and techniques introduced in these saris, they now meet the tastes of the younger generation. Today it is considered fashionable to wear silk sari.

Suitable blouses for silk sari:

If you have always worn a matching silk blouse, it is time to break the rules with these trend blouses:

  • Banarasi brocade blouse
  • Cotton silk blouse
  • Mirror work blouse
  • Maggam work blouse
  • Cut off the work blouse
  • Zardosi work
  • Pashmina work
  • Applique work
  • Hand-painted blouse

How to style silk sari?

Now comes the real part of styling a silk sari! Check out these expert tips to look like a diva in your silk sari:

  • Depending on the scope and time of the event, choose a silk sari
  • If you are the bride, opt for colorful silk sari such as red, orange, green, purple with heavy Zari fabric
  • Pastels like pink and peach are trending this wedding season
  • If you want a toned-down look, go for grays and creams
  • A silk saree must be combined with gold and antique jewelry to match its size.
  • You can even opt for pearls and crystals instead of pure gold accessories
  • Wear a golden embroidery clutch to the saree
  • Wear a big bindi, matching bangles and a gajra in your bun to get the perfect wedding look
  • Don’t forget your high-heeled sandals!

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