Refresh Your Wardrobe with Stylish Shirts For Women

Refresh Your Wardrobe with Stylish Shirts For Women

If you take a look at the history of the woman’s wardrobe, it mainly consists of the elaborate fashion line. Heavy clothes, choking corsets and delicate shoelaces were not practical for working women. It was in the 1920s that some elite and educated women started a revolution with their “boyish” dress with shirts and pants. Women’s shirts not only provided the best coverage of their torso, but also ensured that they remained comfortable. The boring men’s shirt has come a long way since then, with fine cuts, prints, styles and designs. In this article we will look at the top designs of casual and dress shirts for women.

Meaning of shirts in women’s fashion:

At that time, working-class women had to wear heavy wool clothing. These garments were not suitable for wet weather and also took time to wear. The idea of ??choosing a practical dress that was effortless and elegant made women steal shirts from their men. Since they were designed for men, these shirts had no beauty and existed in plain and loose fits. They were later adapted for women’s slim waists, along with light tones, prints, and patterns.

Characteristics of women’s shirts:

Here are some of the interesting features of women’s shirts:

  • Women’s shirts are designed for formal, casual and resort wear.
  • The formal shirts are made of two-layer or tuxedo material for a professional look. They also come with collars and full sleeves with cuffs.
  • Most women’s shirts have no pockets on the chest or are limited to just one.
  • These garments have a tailored waist that matches the curvaceous body of women.
  • Women’s shirts are also available in different sleeves, e.g. B. with full sleeves, sleeveless, cap sleeves, three-quarter sleeves and bell sleeves.
  • Leisure and resort shirts have bold prints, deep cuts and additional accessories such as tassels, buttons, embroidery, scarves, etc.

How do I choose the best shirt for your body type?

Follow these expert hacks to choose the right shirt to show off your figure:

  • Before choosing a shirt, you need to make sure you are the right size. Wear your bra before measuring your body to get the right breast adjustment.
  • Shirts with a V-neck or balloon-cut styles are best for apple-shaped bodies.
  • If you have a rectangular body, opt for slim fit shirts that can define your waist. Play with bold colors and patterns.
  • Those with hourglass figures can choose matching shirts that fit seamlessly into your figure.
  • Women with pear-shaped bodies must try shirts with broad shoulder lines to highlight the upper body.
  • Petite women can experiment with cute prints, deep cuts, high necks, and long sleeves to look bigger.

How to style women’s shirts?

It’s time to steal these impressive ideas to look like a real fashionista:

  • When you go to the office, just swap pants with a pleated skirt and tuck your wife’s shirt in for a professional look.
  • You can also opt for a layered look by pulling a comfortable blazer over the shirt.
  • Animal prints, fruits or even newspaper-printed shirts are all the rage these days. Invest in them to keep up with the times.
  • Have a date? No problem! Wear a ruffled shirt, ankle-length trousers, and high-heeled shoes. Tie a scarf around your neck and don’t forget a trendy handbag.
  • For a look next door, you can choose from one of the cute shirts for women in a sleeveless mini dress and combine it with a pair of sneakers.
  • Get the lazy weekend look with an oversized shirt and leggings underneath.

These are some of the most beautiful shirts for women in 2020. These latest models have been hand selected so you can keep working in the fashion game. The boring shirts have definitely turned into extremely creative and dramatic outfits for those who like to experiment. Whether at work, for brunch with your friends or even for a movie – these shirts are sure to dress you up for any occasion. Let us know which one is your favorite!

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