Prints Galore: Embrace Style with Printed Salwar Suit Designs

Prints Galore: Embrace Style with Printed Salwar Suit Designs

The art of decorating fabrics with beautiful prints is one of the oldest known techniques for mankind. Decorating textiles with strong, lively patterns brings a refreshing change to simple, boring clothes. Printed salwar kameez suits are always popular in the ethnic clothing segment. With a variety of patterns inspired by nature, geometry and even abstract art, these outfits have something for everyone. Hand-printed Salwar Kameez suits have made a name for themselves around the world using indigenous techniques such as Bathik printing, Bandhani, Leheriya and Pen Kalamkari. Learn about printed Salwar Kameez suit patterns and discover the latest designs.

Features of printed salwar kameez suits:

Here are some of the interesting features of printed salwar kameez suits:

  • Printed salwars are available in two main versions – hand-printed and machine-printed
  • Hand-printed suits use natural dyes and carved blocks to create exquisite patterns on the fabrics
  • Machine-printed suits show a range of designs such as flowers, animal prints, birds, artworks, stripes, dots, etc.
  • Modern digital prints are delivered in 3D patterns to achieve a reality factor.
  • Printed salwar suits also come with embroidery and other embellishments to highlight the details.

Fabrics for printed salwar suit patterns:

Hand-printed salwars use fabrics with good dye-absorbing properties. Cotton, silk, jute, etc. are some of the common natural materials that support this technique. However, machine-printed salwars can be made on almost all fabrics such as georgette, chiffon, velvet, net, rayon, crepe, satin, organza, etc. Depending on the amount of the design of the printed Salwar Kameez, the appropriate fabric is selected.

Preferred age group for printed salwar suits:

Printed salwars are suitable for women of all ages. Women between 40 and 70 years old can use subtle prints, while women of the younger generation can try different patterns. It’s fun to play around with a varied print style like leopard spots, tiger stripes, blooming flowers and even human figures.

How to style printed salwar suits?

These simple style tips can help you get the perfect print look without a lot of effort:

  • If you want a sober look, just choose a printed piece from Kurta, Salwar or Dupatta.
  • Avoid garish-looking prints, otherwise you can look loud.
  • Prints on prints can be carried by mixing simple prints with bold patterns.
  • 3D prints are best worn by young women who want to experiment with their looks.
  • Choose minimal accessories for your dress with a continuous printed pattern.
  • Light floral prints are ideal for daytime events, while traditional motifs or gold foil prints are best for night parties.
  • Choose plain or metallic footwear to complete your look.

Lost in the world of printed salwar kameez suits? We bet it is you! The market is flooded with a multitude of creative prints to appeal to a wide audience. The best thing about printed salwar suits is that they can be worn on any occasion simply by choosing the right color and pattern. So what are you waiting for? Whether it’s a brunch with your friends or an evening party, a printed salwar can do the trick for you with ease!

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