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Flannel Shirts

On a cold winter morning you definitely want to wear something warm and cozy! While cotton shirts are a staple in a wardrobe, they need layers of the outer shell. The best way to keep it casual and comfortable is a flannel shirt! But what are flannel shirts? Flannel shirts are woven fabrics that are softer than wool but thicker than cotton. Originally made for the working class and farmers, these shirts have become very popular with teenagers. In this article we learn more about these shirts and also discover some of the latest designs!

Meaning of flannel shirts:

Flannel shirts are specially made for long wear. Because of their skin-friendly properties, these shirts have been appreciated by workers and students alike. They are also quite cheap and durable, which makes them one of the best fabrics that are affordable for the middle and lower classes. The bright and bold check prints on the shirts give everyday playful, casual looks. They are also available in many colors to suit the taste of men and women!

Properties of flannel shirts:

Here are some of the interesting properties of flannel shirts:

  • Flannel shirts are made of wool, cotton and other synthetic materials.
  • They have a soft texture and are suitable for cold weather.
  • Flannel fabrics are supplied in brushed options for added softness.
  • These shirts are often confused with plaid shirts because of the similarity in pattern.
  • However, plaid is a print, while flannel is a fabric, although it is used interchangeably.
  • These shirts are available in different designs such as slim fit, baggy, hoodie etc.
  • They are low-maintenance materials and do not require any additional effort!

How to style flannel shirts?

Follow these tips for experts to look flawless in your flannel shirts:

  • Both men and women can wear flannel shirts.
  • If you’re looking for a casual street style look, just wear it on a t-shirt as a jacket.
  • You can also try rolling up your sleeves for a comfortable look.
  • Put it in pants to look neat and dignified.
  • Experiment with a variety of looks by choosing different styles such as slim fit, bay style, etc.
  • Slippers, sandals and casual looks look fantastic with flannels.

Flannel shirts for men and women are with a collar or hood, long-sleeved or short-sleeved. When you buy shirts you will sometimes find that long shirts and sleeves are short sizes. These types of shirts are comfortable for both men and women. You can choose the perfect choice according to your size. Men like to try out different outfits for a trip. Then these shirts are good for your parties with friends. Choose your best from this wide selection of shirts that keep you warm on cool days.

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