Long Tops: Effortless Style for Every Day

Long Tops: Effortless Style for Every Day

Long tops have long been worn long before Christ. The Greeks introduced these tips first. Then the long tops were fashionable in Rome. The Romans introduced the long spikes into the Byzantines. In the meantime Germans and Celts used the same thing. The long tops that were popularly used back then were actually tunics.

These tunics or long tops were clothes. These covered from the neck area to the thigh area. These can be up to the knee and end in front of the ankles. These tips reach the thighs, knees or half of the shins. Tunics have produced interesting long tops for girls, women and women.

Long tops are trendy because they can be used as evening or casual wear. Generally, these long tops are worn over jeans, leggings, pants, and others. Long tops look attractive, so those who use them are considered chic, elegant, and fashionable. In this modern era, even women with a very conservative background swear by long tops. Very serious fashion designers are very interested in making long tops.

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