Wall Clock Designs: Timekeeping Elevated to Art in Home Decor

Wall Clock Designs: Timekeeping Elevated to Art in Home Decor

It is said that clocks are slowly becoming obsolete due to the use of cell phones and computers. However, clocks are not always about functionality. They also serve as an enormous style statement in your home. As new and innovatively designed clocks come out every day, this is the best time to own a wall clock. This list of wall clock designs goes through each one of them in detail.

Cute & cool wall clock designs:

Here we have entered 50 interesting wall clock designs. Let’s take a look.

1. 3D retro vintage wall clock:

This is one of those big wall clocks that looks like an explosion from the past due to its huge 23 inch diameter. This frameless wall clock design is made entirely of lightweight wood and has nice-looking decorative large gears and improved hands for better visibility. There is also a non-ticking quartz movement that is completely silent and noiseless in its operation. This is the perfect way to demonstrate your love of history.

2.Cuckoo clock:

Speaking of cuckoo clocks, this belongs to the family of large wall clocks, and rightly with its huge height of 10.5 inches. The design is simple, elegant, white, this clock can be placed on any desk or simply hung on any wall. The cuckoo comes out every hour and a half and its light sensor automatically switches the cuckoo off when the room gets dark.

3. Modern & simple wall clock:

This high quality modern wall clock consists only of natural wood and is a high quality modern wall clock. The hands are made of pure natural wood, while the face is made of wood materials. The illuminated wall clock carries a very simple Scandinavian modern style that will look beautiful in any room, be it in your office or at home. The watch is also completely silent with its quartz movement. A must for every modern family.

4. Clock symbol:

This is a unique modern wall clock. The beauty of this watch is its minimalist and very simple appearance. Definitely one of those watches that can easily turn your home into a modern looking hideaway. It also looks wonderful with its subtle colors that can easily brighten up your gloomy day.

5. Modern art wall clock:

This modern wall clock is inspired by the art district with this modern craft design. This watch will surely complement your modern design. The noiseless movement without ticking prevents you from any distractions, so you can concentrate on your work or your sleep. And to ensure longevity, this watch is made of high quality materials.

6. Vintage wall clock with pendulum:

This is definitely one of the great wall clocks that you would love in your room. Completely vintage-themed, with Roman numerals that are easy to read and fit every room type – be it in your hotel lobby or in your office. The durability of this watch is very high due to the use of high quality wood. The watch also comes with a rhythmic pendulum that looks great. It makes very little noise and runs on an AA battery.

7. 3D Peacock wall clock:

One of the few large wall clocks that fits as a perfect gift for a new home or even as a Christmas present. The electric wall clock has a huge diameter of 20.8 inches and is made of metal. The frame is made of iron, while the dial is made of aluminum. The watch is completely handmade and therefore looks so beautiful. In addition, the clock is completely noiseless during operation, so you can sleep well. Works with just one AA battery.

8. Modern wall clock with increased number:

This clock has a very slim, modern wall clock design. The hour and minute hands are beautifully decorated and the silver raised numerals are easy to read for everyone. It has a precise quartz movement and is therefore really maintenance-free and spends the time correctly. A glass lens is attached to the front of the watch.

9. Industrial Loft metal wall clock:

This clock has a completely industrial looking wall clock design. Give your home a modern flair with this clock. It houses an accurate quartz movement that allows for reliable timekeeping, and the metal construction is completely handmade to achieve a good and nice, clean look. This watch also has bronze numerals for improved visibility and a 3D effect, so that children and adults can easily see the time.

10. Extra normal wall clock:

First of all, you will feel like this is a very minimal and elegant looking watch. However, if you dig deeper, you will know that this is one of the coolest wall clocks you have ever seen. The watch has a laser-cut opening that rotates around the center of each number and shows very beautifully every hour. The hour hand shows the time by showing only the part of the number. Definitely a must buy.

11. 4th dimension concrete wall clock:

One of the best cool wall clocks that will take your breath away. This watch is a true work of art with the culmination of innovative design and experienced craftsmanship. It has a spiral, stair-like design and the concrete structure offers a modern approach to interior design. The watch has clean looking aluminum arms that are hand made and the construction is made of high density stainless steel. Requires only one AA battery to operate.

12. Band wall clock design:

This is one of those cool wall clocks that you would absolutely love in your room. The curved steel bands mark the hours of this modern watch, while the red hands make it easier to read the time. It also has a quartz clockwork that makes it more accurate and maintenance free, and is fully AA battery powered.

13. The minimalist gray wall clock:

One of the most unique wall clocks you have ever seen in your life. The dial of this double-sided wall clock is made of glossy black acrylic and the housing is made of plywood. The acrylic dial is the one that rotates, and the triangular cut on one side of the dial indicates the time – it acts as an hour hand. There is also a large white minute hand and a small second hand. In addition, the watch is completely noiseless – so no ticking noise that bothers you. Ideal for living and dining room.

14. Rosendahl wall clocks:

One of the most eloquent and quietest unique wall clocks you’ll ever find. This watch is intended to give the viewer a picture of the time as the exact time itself. The watch cleverly uses the large dot as an hour hand, while the minute hand is a normal one. Very cute looking and really minimal looking piece of art.

15. Art history wall clock:

Designed by Donald Seitz, this is one of the most thoughtful unique wall clocks that a person can buy. Sometimes we learn to buy things for our home based on our furnishing ideas. Get this art wall clock to give your living room an expert touch. This type of watch shows your love for history, only a few famous nobles and artist smileys give the watch an adorable look.

16. The tower wall clock:

If you have a large wall with an open space, this huge wall clock will suit you best. This clock can transform any negative space into a vintage, artistic, decorative space. It has a metal frame with Roman numerals. The bronze-colored numbers and the clock hands contrast with the black frame. This watch gives your home or office an elegant look.

17. Huge vintage wooden wall clock:

This 30 inch wall clock has a vintage design with a large wooden frame and a vintage dial. The numbers on the dial are black and rustic. There is an industrial accent at the top with a glass on the front – inside there are two black clock hands. To power this retro part, you only need one AA battery.

18.World map wall clock design:

You can easily call this a giant wall clock by just looking at its diameter, which is an enormous 48 inches. This beautifully rounded solid watch is completely handmade in the USA, and the beautiful print is made on a solid piece of wood. It also has a quartz movement, so there are no annoying ticking noises – just a quiet operation. The front is open and has no glass, so no glare and is easy to read from all angles.

19. Giant leaf metal wall clock:

This stylish wall clock is a perfect gift for warming the house, weddings or social gatherings. Inspired by leaves, this luxurious wall clock is handmade from black metal and small pearls in the middle of each leaf. Very striking clock for the office, bedroom or living room. In addition, it has black Arabic numerals for easy reading and has a non-ticking, quiet and smooth quartz movement.

20. Spring Blooms metal wall clock:

This oversized, stylish 23.5-inch wall clock is inspired by the exquisite flowers of the beautiful spring flowers. This gold and black metal wall clock is perfect for gift lovers. Can be used in any room, including your office, and its silent quartz movement not only keeps you up to date with the exact time, but never distracts you from what you’re doing. Requires only a single AA battery.

21. Spindle wall clock:

This stylish mid-century wall clock fits perfectly with your home decor. The spindle clock is made of solid wood in a dark espresso color with fantastic chrome accents. The extra large wall clock also uses a precise quartz movement and is operated with only one AA battery.

22. Best quartz wall clock:

Quarts is the brand known in the watch collection. It offers the best wall clocks you can currently get on the market. You will receive a basic Arabic number and a plastic cover on the packaging. This is the best choice for the long term selection of bedroom and bathroom wall clocks.

23. Batman Arkham City Logo Best Wall Clock:

This is one of the best watches that will put a smile on your friend’s face. This is a fantastic vinyl watch with a unique design inside and a unique gift for your family or friends. This watch shows how much you love her. Not only does this watch have a custom Batman logo, it also has an absolutely noiseless, tick-free mechanism.

24. Best Designer Radio Controlled Clock:

This is definitely one of the best wall clocks that are radio controlled. Looks very nice and is suitable for every room in your home. You never have to change the time because it always gives the exact time because the time is set automatically by the radio controlled signal. The lens is made of acrylic, while the frame is made of plastic. It is 12 inches in diameter and contains four time zone settings (East, Central, Mountain and Pacific).

25. Best 3D Moving Gear Wall Clock:

One of the best watches, made entirely of high quality plastic and metal to improve durability. This large gear watch ensures superior quality and durability. Made with beautiful, precise craftsmanship, it is a work of art. Designed to be hung on a wall, this is a great decoration solution for any living room, restaurant, etc. In addition, all gears are independently movable and can be easily switched off – which shows their true beauty. Great gift for the inauguration party or other anniversaries.

26. Puppy round clock:

If you want a wall clock with pictures, this is the perfect solution for you. This contemporary wall clock has a cute puppy design with easy-to-read digits that can be seen by anyone. The decorative hands also complement the beautiful picture. It also has a precise quartz movement for an accurate time display.

27. Northern lights rectangle wall clock:

This rectangular wall clock contains images based on the beautiful northern lights of Norway. With its frameless, high-gloss, mirror-like, UV-coated, scratch-resistant finish, this watch can fit into any room in your home or office and is also suitable for environments with high humidity. It also has a quiet quartz movement for precise and tick-free operation.

28. Trendy wooden wall clock:

If you are looking for trendy wall clocks, this is the one for you. This watch is made entirely of metal and wood and has a square design with a wooden frame. The dial is white, while the hands are black and the Roman numerals are written on them. This watch is easy to clean and maintain, and can also easily become a good gift option. Your visitors will love this watch.

29. My world baroque clock:

Wall clocks are becoming more and more creative and this is one of those trendy wall clocks that everyone wants. This watch is a work of art with an aluminum construction on which it is printed and coordinating clock hands that match the color palette. The thinking behind this watch is absolutely excellent. The watch also has a quartz movement for an accurate and precise time.

30. Piatto wall clock:

This latest wall clock follows the trend of using mixed materials with their concrete surface and the framed copper-coated metal rim. This watch is made entirely of concrete and metal and is great for modern and casual looking houses. This watch has a diameter of 10 inches and a quartz movement for an exact time.

31. Aries wall clock:

This 8.5-inch wall clock is the latest wall clock made of brushed nickel, which remains in vogue with today’s furnishing styles. Behind the glass crystal is the white dial with black Arabic numerals, black spade hour and minute hands and a black second hand. It has a secure 3-point screw system that is ideal for boats or recreational vehicles. This watch also has a quartz movement for very accurate time recording.

32. Amazing metal acrylic wall clock:

If you are looking for fantastic wall clocks, you have come to the right place. This lounge wall clock looks classy and makes a seductive statement wherever it is kept. The watch is made of high quality metal that will last for years. It also has a sunbeam pattern with a crystal at the end of each stroke. Without a doubt, this funky wall clock will draw the attention of all your visitors and your family. Also ideal as a gift.

33. Amazing Carina wall clock:

This is one of the best amazing wall clocks you can find on the market right now. With its elegant bell and sparkling design, this chic wall clock will surely attract attention. This music watch made of plastic in traditional style. It also has quartz movement, so there is exact time every day, every day.

34th Augustina wall clock:

This is one of the most antique wall clocks you can buy. This old style wall clock has various antique details such as the Roman numerals and a cream colored dial. The watch is in a vintage style black metal frame and can look great in any room, be it in the living room or bedroom. The watch also has a nice keyhole for easy hanging.

35.Birds & Flowers wall clock:

This is absolutely the most beautiful wall clock you have ever seen. This beautiful wall clock has a metal frame that looks like a flowering tree with birds in the branches. The oval analog dial contains clearly visible black hands and indices against a light background. In addition, this clock can be easily installed with suitable installation hardware. It will always be in the list of bedroom wall clocks.

36. Decorative wall clock:

This clock should be on your list for the most beautiful wall clocks. It brings a nice and unique, unique round plastic design. The watch looks totally retro in its antique colors and decorative rim. The silent quartz movement without ticking gives you the right time and does not distract you from what you are doing.

37. Classic wall clock:

The simplicity lies in this classic wall clock. This watch has a round wooden frame with easy to read numbers and a white dial. The hour and minute hands have a black color, while the second hand has a gold color that matches the overall frame. Only one AA battery is required for operation.

38. Classic villa wall clock:

The warm finish and European design of this classic wall clock make it perfect for the kitchen or living room. The bronze-colored grill with Roman numerals is located above the glass lens and gives the standard face an updated touch. The watch is made of a durable and lightweight plastic frame, which makes it less susceptible to scratches and dents than conventional wooden frames. With quartz movement.

39. Amber Flower Mosaic wall clock:

This is one of the most decorative and elegant wall clocks you will ever buy. This 19 inch watch is hand decorated with black cement. There is a protective glass on the dial that protects the dial. This clock goes with most wall decorations and furniture in your home and is a perfect gift for the inauguration party or the holiday.

40. Retro vintage elegant wall clock in imperial style:

This is one of the great elegant wall clocks that are now available. The watch gives you an antique look. Their wood color matches perfectly with vintage lights and mahogany furniture. The most unique feature is the pendulum, as it swings without a break. Nevertheless, the watch is very quiet and makes no sound at all. Only two AA batteries are required for operation.

41. Butterfly wall clock design:

This butterfly clock is one of the greatest and most versatile pretty wall clocks. Perfect for living room or office centerpiece and looks super cool. The quality of this watch is very durable and made entirely from high quality materials. It can also be a unique gift for someone you love.

42. Pretty Peacock Round Clock:

Pretty wall clocks are hard to find, especially when they’re so beautiful – just like a peacock. The front is printed in peacock colors along with the coordinating hands. This 12-inch watch is made to measure in the United States and comes with mounting hardware. It has a quartz movement for an exact time.

43rd Pop Quiz Clock:

Interesting wall clocks are a perfect way to give gifts to teachers, students, engineers or accountants. The analog display of this watch made of matt black powder-coated metal with white letters and numbers is ideal for classrooms or the office. The unique feature is that when the clock ticks, the hands move around the dial and show the time of day for every hour due to a different math problem. The best creative way to keep track of time as it also trains your brain.

44. Goofy Vinyl Record wall clock:

One of the most unique and interesting wall clocks you can own. The clockwork consists of used records and is absolutely silent. This 12 inch watch is completely handmade and fits easily into any interior design. A great gift option.

45. Simple and modern round wall clock:

This simple round clock is made of natural wood and wooden materials. This wood is non-toxic, moisture-resistant and has excellent color fastness. The Scandinavian design is very simple yet modern and looks beautiful in every room, be it in your room or office. It also has a quiet quartz movement for precise and noiseless operation.

46. ??Decorative wall clock:

This is a simple around the clock, but with a polished and modern design. This decorative clock is a work of art. The clock is light and completely silent for use in bedrooms or in the office. It is also made of synthetic leather and harmless EVA material, which makes it safe for children.

47. High quality quartz wall clock:

High quality wall clocks always last a long time and therefore this clock is delivered with a sturdy plastic housing and a glass lens, which keep it dust-free. The large black, bold numbers are easy to read and the precise quartz movement promises an exact time. Perfect for the office, bathroom or any room in your home.

48. High quality wall clock made of quartz metal:

This is one of the few high quality wall clocks that you would love on your wall. It has a very special and elegant design to meet all your decorative needs. Looks very stylish, doesn’t tick – so it’s absolutely quiet to ensure a cool and calm environment. Requires an AA battery to operate.

49. Cute brown bear wall clock:

Would you like to give someone a cute wall clock? Then you should check this. This cute watch doesn’t make a ticking sound and has this beautiful, delightful design that is both decorative and child-friendly. The printed minute number makes it easier for children to learn and read. Perfect for birthdays or newborns etc.

50. Cute cat wall clock:

If you love cute wall clocks about cats, be sure to get them. This great cat watch is breathtaking and interesting. In families for over 4 generations and still the most popular cat watch. With a size of 18 inches and wagging tail. The clock is totally quiet and is great if you have children in your house.

Wall clock designs are a great way to expand and improve the interior of your home. They are also a great gift for your loved ones or children. Different watches have different designs, so everyone can have their own personable design. Therefore, this list covers every one of them, so you can choose the right one for the occasion.

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