Versace Bags: Luxurious and Fashion-Forward Accessories for Every Outfit

Versace Bags: Luxurious and Fashion-Forward Accessories for Every Outfit

Gianni Versace founded the Versace Luxury Fashion Company in 1978. The head office is in Milan, Italy. Versace is popular all over the world, so there are Versace collections. Gianni Versace chose Medusa’s head as the company logo. The Greek mythology of Medusa attracted people so far that they could not return. Versace also decided that its products would have the effect of Medusa on people.

Popular Versace handbags in various shapes and sizes:

Here are the 9 best designs of Versace bags in different colors and patterns for women and men.

1. Versace Bowler handbag:

Duavivo sells this Versace bag for women. It’s made of black leather that goes well with a black outfit. There are attractive golden handles and decorations.

2. Black Versace leather handbag:

This bag is made of smooth black leather. You can keep what you need and fasten it with the zipper. There is a gold metal bag from the Versace Collection.

3. Versace Athena Velvet handbag:

This accessory is made of velvet, which resembles a soft leopard skin. There is a crown pattern surrounded by a wreath, leaves and flowers. Yellow, white and brown tones were used for the design, which blend well into the background. It is made of solid dark leather at the top, bottom, on the sides, on the strap and on the handles. This shapes the bag and makes it firm and durable. The zipper is on the top. Silver buckles for handles and tassels complete the design.

4. Versace Wallets – Luxe Handbags:

You definitely want to carry this bag when you attend a party. The bag is made of black leather with a gold metallic Versace logo on the front. There is also a golden chain handle to carry the bag.

5. Versace Stitched White Leather Shoulder Bag:

This self-designed shoulder bag made of white leather has gold decorations on both sides. A couple of white handles have gold woven metal. The full look of the bag is attractive and fits well when you wear a white dress or sari.

6. White Versace Jeans chain pocket:

This handbag made of processed white leather has two handles. Inside is a zip pocket of 38 x 29 x 13 cm. There is an inside pocket and an outside zip pocket.

7. Versace Black Nylon Medusa Pouch:

The men’s bag is a black, slim nylon bag with the company logo. There is a detachable thin strap for carrying. The opening has a zipper. There is a leather logo patch and an inside zip pocket. There is also a tonal textile lining, seams. Size is 10 “x 6.75”.

8. Alce Black Chain leather shoulder bags:

The bag has the shape of an envelope and is made of natural calf leather. This Versace bag is perfect for carrying your most important items. There is a detachable chain that allows you to hang your wallet on your shoulders during the day. In the evening, the same bag can be used as an evening bag by removing the strap. There is a flap that can be closed with magnetic locks. There is also an internal zipper and an open pocket. There is also a signature plate with gold hardware on the front.

9. Versace backpack for men:

The textile backpack for men has numerous belts in the colors pink, blue, yellow, black and white. The black lining has color-coordinated seams. The main compartment is 13 “x 16” x 4.5 “with a two-way zip. The top handle is made of black leather. Adjustable shoulder straps feature the Gun-Me-Talon logo on the front zip compartment.

Every bag has the logo in gold or gun metal and you know that the bag you buy is authentic and from Versace. Medusa certainly contributes to the look of the bag.

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