Drape Yourself in Luxury with Velvet Sarees

Drape Yourself in Luxury with Velvet Sarees

Nothing can match the soft and royal look of the velvet fabric. A velvet saree feels soft and sensual, falls easily, is usually wrinkle-free and looks so good that it can be worn multiple times. At one point, velvet was considered royal fabric and was usually chosen by the nobles. Thanks to the innovation, there is a multitude of velvet fabrics today, ranging from silk velvet to cotton velvet to rayon velvet and much more. In addition to the fiber used, the variety of manufacturing processes also results in different types of velvet.

Velvet Sarees meaning:

Velvet is a beautiful fabric that gives the sari wealth. With its aesthetic value, the velvet saree reaches new standards in the textile industry. Get inspiration from the popular Bollywood diva Anushka Sharma, who flaunted a gorgeous maroon Velvet Saree. This is one of their wedding celebrations. The mere use of shiny, rich velvet in the saree gives the saree grace. And the nicest thing about velvet saris is that you don’t have to put a lot of effort into designing the saree because the fabric itself is so rich that it adds to the grace of the saree as it is.

Velvet Sarees features:

Below are some of the characteristics of velvet saris:

  • A combination of silk velvet and cotton velvet is usually used for the velvet saris.
  • Velvet can be combined with various fabrics such as mesh, georgette, silk and all of them form a perfect combination.
  • In general, cutwork or embroidered borders go well with a velvet sari.
  • The look of the simple velvet is very elegant, so there is rarely any work to be seen in the middle of the velvet except for the edges. za

Which blouse goes with Velvet Sarees?

A saree simply cannot be worn without a blouse. Choosing the right blouse for the saree is so important because it can change or change the look of the saree. Below are the different types of blouses that go well with the velvet saris.

  • Backless raw silk blouse with matka neckline
  • Embellished raw silk blouse
  • Embroidered blouse made of artificial silk and imitation georgette
  • Designer stone blouse
  • Hand-painted embroidered blouse
  • Rich jacquard blouse with hand embroidery
  • Maggam work blouse
  • Sleeveless velvet blouse with a boat neckline
  • Velvet blouse with illusion neckline

How to style velvet sarees?

  • Always choose a velvet that is less heavy. A full cotton velvet makes the fabric very difficult to wear, while full silk makes it extremely warm. A combination of the two is therefore best suited for a saree.
  • Never choose a velvet blouse with a velvet sari other than a sleeveless one.
  • The fabric itself is so rich that you don’t have to overdo the look.
  • Keep it as simple as possible to improve the elegance.
  • A simple diamond or a gold choker goes well with a velvet sari.
  • Drop the Pallu des Velvet Sarees to improve its look
  • Let your hair loose or just curl it.

The velvet sarees are a type of sarees that are always trendy and never go out of style. The fabric is so soft and the case of the saree is so breathtakingly beautiful that it always gives a rich look. Your saree collection can never be complete without having a velvet sari. So what are you waiting for? Simply choose one of the patterns above and get one for your collection.

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