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Unstitched Salwar Suits

A common problem for most women is finding outfits of their choice. Either we don’t like the color, the pattern or we don’t get the right size! We know that you are able to relate to this issue, which is why we are introducing some of these latest sewn salwar suits. They come as a three-part set with fabrics for Salwar, Kurta and the Dupatta. Most of these suits have enough material to accommodate extra large sizes. And if you’re lucky enough to find a good tailor who can design it well, there’s nothing like it! So let’s discover the best unembroidered Indian salwar kameez suits.

Properties of non-sewn salwar suits:

Before we look at the patterns, let’s first understand what Salst Kameez is:

  • Unstitched salwar suits, as the name suggests, are not sewn and consist of 3 different fabric parts.
  • The Kurta fabric can be differentiated with edges, neckline and print.
  • The salwar fabric is usually supplied in plain or printed fabrics.
  • While the Kurta piece measures between 2.5 and 4 meters of fabric, the lower part measures between 2 and 3 meters.
  • The Dupatta is usually well designed with stitched corners and is easy to carry.
  • Some salwar sets have a pre-cut to make things easier.

Fabrics for non-sewn salwar suits:

The best part of Salwar Kameez’s embroidered suits is the wide range of options available on the market. You can literally get a set in a fabric of your choice. The most commonly used materials are – cotton, silk, organza, rayon, lycra, satin, jute, linen, chanderi, net, lace, georgette, chiffon, poly cotton, etc.

Preferred age group for non-sewn salwar suits:

The unstitched salwar suit offers women of all ages the same advantage. The same set can be tailored for a middle-aged woman and even a teenager. By experimenting with different cuts, patterns, edges and buttons, you can turn a simple suit into a designer piece that is ready for the ramp. Just close your eyes and choose any piece!

How to style a not sewn salwar suit?

Before contacting your tailor to make a suit, read these simple style tips to get the outfit of your dreams:

  • First, search the internet for different patterns to set one to zero.
  • Make a virtual sketch of the design to better understand your tailor.
  • You can even buy additional accessories such as borders, buttons, tassels, etc. to improve the outfit.
  • Depending on the material of the suit, choose a high-quality lining material for better durability.
  • By experimenting with different styles like A-line, asymmetrical, high-low, you can add a touch of drama to an otherwise simple outfit.

Don’t you love these non-sewn salwar suit materials? Although the market is flooded with ready-made clothing, the demand for non-sewn suits will never decrease. These beautiful outfits fit like a dream when done well. It is important to provide the correct measurements and descriptions before you leave the store. Always carry a sample photo with you of how your dress should look to achieve a 100% satisfactory output!

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