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Thread Bangles Designs

The beauty of the Indian woman is emphasized by jewelry and bangles are a main part of it. Bangles are worn every day by Indian women and are of different types. The most common that women wear are the glass bracelets, which are available in all colors. There are also other types such as lac bangles, silver bangles, gold bangles, metal bangles, etc. Special occasions require something more colorful, and these bangles can be customized depending on the outfit the person is wearing. These are beautiful, color-coordinated thread bracelets that also underline the charm of the colorful outfits. Check out these thread bangle designs to see which one you want to own. They are very colorful, lively and make the whole thing look beautiful.

Latest models of thread bracelets together

Let’s take a look at some nice color pattern thread bracelet designs

1.Silk thread bangle designs:

The most common thread bangle designs include those made from silk thread. These are colorful, rich bangles that are great for parties and occasions. These are available in so many colors that they can be easily combined with your favorite outfit. These silk thread bangles are of different types like thin and thick. Some sets may have a pair of thin bangles and thick bangles in between.

2. Multi-colored thread bracelets:

This is usually a collection of coordinated color wristbands that are part of a specific color. So you can have a green set that includes light green, dark green, teal, mustard, etc. in these multi-colored bangle sets. This way you can buy bangles that go with a saree or salwar set or even your favorite loanga.

3. Thread Gota Wrap Bangles:

Gota work is very common and exquisite in India. It is included in saris, salwar sets, etc. Here bangles are also this unique touch, so that it can be wonderfully combined with your outfit. The bangles are wrapped in threads and have a work and are therefore very suitable for parties, weddings etc.

4.Band thread bangles:

Many bangles are first wrapped in silk thread and then crossed in a pattern with matched ribbons to give it a very traditional look. The ribbons can also be gold or silver colored. This gives the bracelets a richer look. Ribbon bangles are really colorful and are used for weddings, engagements, etc.

5. Designer bangles with thread:

Among the thread bangle models are designer bracelets that have become very popular. These are usually made to customer specifications. According to your outfits, you can get a designer bangle set that works well. If the outfit is blue, the set can include blue silk thread bracelets and silver or gold bangles. This way you can also combine the bracelets from different sets.

6.Laharia style thread bracelets:

The Rajasthani tradition of Laharia is very famous everywhere. The Saris, Salwar sets with Laharia design are loved by women and worn especially during the rainy season. To complement this look, there are Laharia bracelets in the same Laharia pattern. They are available in different colors and can also be combined with plain colors.

7.Beaded thread bangles:

Silk thread bangles also contain beadwork to make the sets more unique. The bangles are wrapped in silk thread and then the last line is combined with a line of tiny gold pearls. This complete look not only offers color from the threads, but also wealth from the golden pearls.

8. Stone Work Thread Work Bangles:

The latest thread bracelets include these stone bracelets, which are beautiful, charming and stylish. They’re pretty cheap too, but have a lot of character. They come in many colors and the stone work on them also makes them pretty modern. Stones have a light color or can be transparent. This gives the bracelets a graceful effect and gives the overall look a brilliance that is second to none.

9. Neon thread bangles in different colors:

New thread bracelets are constantly coming onto the market. Every new design has to be unique. These neon colored thread bracelets are now a fad as they are made exclusively and specifically for the younger generation. Young girls love to flaunt their looks, and these neon colors are great for brightening up a look.

10. Designer beaded bangle thread:

Apart from the tiny gold pearls that are added to bangles, these thread bracelets are adorned with designer pearls, bells, etc. The selection is huge, as some of the thread bracelets are made of pretty little white pearls. Some are littered with bells that ring very easily when a person moves. Again, this is a choice of the young generation who love to be more modern.

11. Pearl thread work bracelets:

Pearl is a nice addition to all types of jewelry. The silk thread bangles wrapped with tiny pearls give a beautiful, charming look. Pearls are also part of earrings and necklace sets. Having the same beads in the bangles that a woman wears rounds off the look.

12. Thin silk thread bracelets:

Thin bangles wrapped with silk thread are available in a variety of colors. These are so lively and colorful that they are a must for the fashion-conscious woman. They can be combined with any of the outfits the person wears. Since they are thin, they can also be used for a simple evening.

13.Woven thread bracelets:

These are simple thread bracelets that are wrapped in one color and then handmade with a contrasting color. These are usually special for children and very common. The woven bangles provide a simple yet elegant look.

14. Indian Design Bangles:

The silk thread bangles are also traditionally designed with Indian designs. The set usually includes a wide bangle in the middle and thin bangles on the sides. The wide bangle is then decorated with a traditional Indian design. These Indian designs can be leaf, peacock, flowers, etc.

15. Charms Thread Bangles:

A unique twist on silk thread bangles is made with charms. This is a series of silk thread bangles that are connected with a series of charms. Balls or other thread work can hang on the charms. The charms feel light and have a strange effect on the entire bangle set.

16. Square or hexagonal threaded bracelets:

The modern woman needs something unique and beyond tradition. These square or hexagonal bracelets are something that is preferred by young children and girls. These are so noble that they can also be combined with jeans. Square thread bracelets are usually plain. These are light green, pin, yellow, red etc. that go with most of the outfits the young girls wear. The hexagonal bangles give a twist to the simple square ones. They are pretty angry and used by the college crowd.

17.Zigzag weave bracelet:

Another modern and classy thing is the zigzag pattern that is used on the bracelets. The latest designs of these thread bracelets have a complementary color that is woven in a zigzag pattern. These can be worn over jeans or even combined with your latest salwar set.

18.Bobbin thread bangle designs:

This is a cute design that includes buttons in the thread bracelets. These are usually used by children. They can be combined with your favorite outfits. Children love the effect of buttons on any item and these bangle bracelets are the best. They are so colorful that all children are attracted to these button bracelets. Apart from the simple threading of shirts, each button is threaded in a strange way.

19. Checker style bangle:

This is a style that is used not only by children, but also by adults. It combines the checkered thread work with pearls or stones. They are usually made in matching colors that work well for Indian outfits. The checkered thread bracelets are a new, contemporary look. They are made in wider bracelets, so that the checkerboard pattern comprises at least 4 rows and the pattern is clearly visible.

20. Silk thread bells bangles:

Threaded wristbands look elegant when they have an Indian design. This includes bells hanging on the bangles. It is especially used for weddings etc. where the bride wears the wedding set. These silk thread bangles are beautiful and best match our Indian clothing.

21. Heavy Work Designer Silk Thread Work Bracelets:

These designer silk thread bangles are unique. They are decorated with large stones and pearls. This gives the bangles a very rich look that is perfect for special occasions such as weddings, engagements, parties and all other celebrations. Most brides love to wear these heavy designer bangles because they complement the heavy fiefdom gases or saris the bride wears on her wedding day.

22. Fuchsia thread bangles made of silk:

Many of the modern brides and women wear this trendy and trendy color. Fuchsia is a modern color and makes the person wearing it brighter and more radiant. These silk thread bangles are made of fuchsia thread. It gives the set a bright charm. They are also decorated with pearls to give it a traditional look.

23. Flower pattern thread bracelets:

The floral pattern is a simpler look for the thread bracelets. The whole bangle is wrapped with a single-colored thread. Then the bangle is decorated with tiny pink pearls in a floral pattern. The flower pattern is most loved by children and young girls. This is a pretty cute pattern that many buy for its liveliness.

24.Zari thread bracelets:

Zari work has been done in India for many years. The thread work bracelets are wrapped with silk threads and zari edges. These are the most traditional and complete the Indian look. This work is so famous in most garments that the bangles in the same way only help to complete the look. This is usually a rich look and is worn with Zari Border Saris. We see a lot of young girls who would also like to combine them with their trendy outfits.

25. Contemporary thread bracelets:

The modern woman needs some jewelry that goes well with her outfits. This includes jeans, dresses, etc. At the same time, the modern woman would like to combine her modern designer outfit with a small traditional look. These contemporary thread bracelets offer just the right touch of tradition. They give an outfit the right color and make it look classy.

The thread bracelets are available in different designs and models. These pictures of thread bracelets provide an insight into the different types that are available on the market. It helps you judge what suits your outfit best. Choose from silk, beadwork, designer, button, zigzag, contemporary, woven, pearl, neon and stone. All of these types of thread bracelets give you the opportunity to choose the best. Combine it with your traditional outfit or become modern and noble and combine it with a t-shirt and jeans.

Even dresses are best suited for this beautiful jewelry. Make the most of this Indian gem that is both traditional and modern today. And make it your style. Thread bangle designs are a great addition to your jewelry collection. It completes the set with earrings, necklace and rings. It is something that is great for kids, young girls, and adults. There are so many types to choose from that each type gives your outfit a rich look.

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