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Theatre Curtains

Theatre Curtains

The theater curtain is a large hanging cloth that serves as a dividing line between the audience and the stage. It rises at the beginning of the act and closes in the middle of the act and at the end. It can be said that it prevents the audience from seeing the activities that take place before the action begins. The theater curtain must be thick enough and usually simple. Theater curtains are not fancy types. It should look humble and sober.

Wonderful & modern designs of theater curtains for home:

Get these cool top 9 theater curtains with pictures you will surely like.

1. Puppet curtain:

It is a very remarkable theater curtain that is hung up during a puppet show. The upper part and the lower part have multi-colored stripes and the middle part is a simple pink curtain. Red string of pearls is placed on a curtain that looks beautiful. This is also best for children’s rooms.

2. Standard theater curtain:

It is a home theater curtain that is used when you have built a theater system at home. It is a big curtain for big screen. The red curtain is decorated with a silver-colored frill edge. There are layers of frills on the top curtain.

3.Purple theater curtain:

This red theater curtain is for mini theater. It seems like it is made of velvet material. Below the curtain is a golden color border with a wide and thin pattern. Red curtain panels are attached one above the other.

4. Background theater curtain:

This theater stage curtain is mainly used during the opera show. This large theater has a vintage design. This is a printed curtain that is suitable for performance. This curtain is used as a background when artists perform their actions.

5. Custom theater curtain:

They are theater room curtains that are hung next to the cinema screen. There are also comfortable seats in this room for better visual setup. The curtain color matches the floor and ceiling color. It is a big curtain for a big room.

6. Drape the theater curtain:

It is a wide, red valance-style theater curtain. The red valance is tough with golden thread work and frilled edges. The red curtain on the inside is also decorated with gold work on the floor. The whole theme of this theater is based on red color.

7. Film curtain:

This red velvet theater curtain is draped in movie theaters and cinemas. The curtain has a boat-like stitch style. It looks like clouds are falling from the sky. This velvet curtain is made of thick fabric and creates darkness in the theater.

8. Blue theater curtain:

This new curtain theater is blue in color. The whole curtain is thick and simple. The outer curtain is suspended like a plate and tied on both sides with a belt. The blue curtain gives the theater brightness and creates a garish atmosphere.

9. Manually operated theater curtain:

It is velvet closed theater curtain. These curtains are operated manually. This curtain is very thick. A person will move this curtain to open and close it. There are two yellow edges on this red curtain. A yellow ruffled fabric is attached at the top.

The use of a theater curtain is used to hide the audience from the theater. It can be operated with the remote control or manually. Former workers were required to manage the operation of the curtain. But now it’s done with the use of technology. You just have to issue a command. Theater curtains consist of large and wide fabrics.

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