Telugu Mangalsutra Designs: Traditional Elegance in Intricate Details

Telugu Mangalsutra Designs: Traditional Elegance in Intricate Details

A Mangalsutra, a symbol of the marital status of women in India. In different regions of the country, the designs are different to represent the cultural and belief systems. In the Telugu countries Andhra and Telangana in particular, Mangalsutra is a gold chain that was worn at the time of the wedding. Along with this necklace, a black pearl necklace called “Nallapoosalu” is worn to ward off evil. They are offered in many styles and designs to suit different tastes of women. In this article we will examine some trendy Telugu Mangalsutra designs that are worth more than a look.

Features of Telugu Mangalsutra Designs:

Here are some key features of the Telugu Mangalsutra designs:

  • Telugu Mangalsutras are called Telugu “Nallapoosalu” chains, where “Nalla” means black and “Poosalu” chain.
  • The traditional design has two disc-like pendants that represent a woman’s swirl.
  • Depending on the style, these pendants can be delivered in a simple, smooth surface or in intricate carvings.
  • For wealth, stones such as diamonds and American diamonds are added to these pendants.
  • Lakshmi Kasu Mangalsutra designs are very popular because they are considered cheap.
  • You can get them in real gold or gold-plated, allowing metals for any budget.

These are some of the best designs in Telugu Mangalsutras. Some of the ones shown here are worn at the time of the wedding and never removed from the body. However, the black pearl necklaces are treated as jewelry that can be worn when needed. Some women prefer to keep them forever to celebrate the joy of being under marriage. With the wedding season just around the corner, which design would you choose?

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