Accessorize in Style: Elevate Your Look with Studded Belts

Accessorize in Style: Elevate Your Look with Studded Belts

A cord made of leather or leather-like material, which is used as an important unisex accessory and is equipped with a shirt and trousers, which are called “belts”. Nowadays women use a belt as a piece of jewelry, which is worn as a trendy piece of jewelry over a western dress. To add variety to a simple flexible strap, some stunning designs are made with stunning studded belt designs.

Latest and stylish rivet belts for men and women:

To take a look at the latest designs, this article is helpful to know them. Here are the top 9 studded belt designs for women and men.

1. Metal pyramid studded men black leather belt:

Small shiny metal pyramid design. It becomes more attractive by sticking it to a black leather belt. Generally, the shiny pyramid design is made of white silver metal and black metal.

2. Leather belt with metal rivets:

This is another cool variant of the simple metal structure that is then glued to the belt in three rows. Usually black is a universal color that goes well with all types of colorful dresses. The size of the cone is usually about 1-2 mm.

3. Colorful square women’s belt with plastic rivets:

This eye-catching, colorful, square plastic structure is used in an innovative way by using it with a simple leather or synthetic leather belt. The size of the square is within 1mm as a number of these colored metals are glued to the belt.

4. Multi-design metal studded brown leather punk unisex belt:

In this punk belt, various designed metal structures are used in the design of this rivet belt. The combination of circle, triangle, pyramid and shaped metal ensures an innovative design around the belt.

5. Hot belt with red pyramid for women:

The hot red color is the most popular and popular color for teenage girls as well as for women. This type of colored belt goes well with a simple, sleek top and jeans. The width of the belt is approx. 2 cm.

6. Golden heart-trimmed white women’s belt:

This is another favorite design for all girls and women. The sweet golden heart-shaped metal structure is glued around a white leather belt. The contrasting color of white and gold is a fabulous combination.

7. Mirrored golden women’s belt:

This beautiful ethnic design made of round mirrors is definitely a good piece of handwork that expresses the creativity of the designers. The mirrors are set around the golden belt, with golden threads running around the edges of these mirrors. This type of belt goes with short jeans and a synthetic top.

8. Jewel Ivory Vintage Women’s Studded Belt:

This ivory-colored chain belt is often used by Indian women on festive occasions and adds extra grace to a dress by wearing it over the dress that runs in the hip region. The ivory chain belt is highlighted by the row chain design and the masonry chain attached to the lower end of the belt.

9. Faded Leather Gold Studded Men’s Belt:

The faded brown leather belt is a mandatory accessory in all men’s wardrobes. Due to its vintage look, the belt looks very rich and unique compared to the usual design belts. The belt is highlighted by small circular metal rings that create a hold between the belt.

Depending on the occasion, a studded belt design can be worn. It’s high time you put studded belt designs in your wardrobe that included both men’s and women’s parties. The punk belt is best suited as a party belt due to its shiny and cool looking design. Faded vintage belts can be used as semi-formal or casual wear depending on the type of outfit.

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