Elegant Stripes: Elevate Your Space with Striped Curtains

Elegant Stripes: Elevate Your Space with Striped Curtains

Striped curtains are more famous and sought after. There can be horizontal and vertical stripes in one color with different color combinations. Some color combinations can be common, others are rare. Striped curtains are popular with everyone and are also admired. It is suitable for every taste and understanding. The striped curtains are not professional. It is more suitable at home than in companies.

Modern & glamorous striped curtain designs for the home:

Try these top 9 striped curtains that you can safely use for the interior.

1. Normal striped curtain:

This black and white striped curtain is regular in design. The curtain has vertical stripes in black and white. The stripes are medium in size with a fascinating pattern. The curtain is ultra soft and smooth. You can get these types of curtains according to the wall colors of your living room design pattern.

2. Upper striped curtain panels:

It is a gray striped curtain with thick strips of white and gray color combinations. This color combination in the curtain is rare and stylish. The striped bedroom curtain is sewn in a box style and each curtain contains four box patterns.

3.Zigzag stripe curtain:

This blue striped curtain is simply beautiful with blue stripes in the zigzag lining. The stripes are in light and dark shades of blue and white. The middle curtain is hung at the back so that the back of the curtain is visible at the front. This is a unique idea of ??a curtain that you can also try out for your bedroom or living room.

4. Appealing striped curtain:

This is a horizontal dark blue and white striped curtain with wide stripes. The curtain shines with its silk fabric. The dazzling striped curtain looks beautiful. The long striped curtain on a small window looks wonderful. These curtains give you an elegant look for your home.

5. Two-way striped curtains:

It is popular blue and white striped curtain with thin stripes. The same pattern curtain hangs behind the balcony. An upper part of the curtain is completely blue with no design or printing. The rest of the curtain is decorated with stripes.

6. Striped shower curtain:

This dark blue striped curtain is hung in the bathroom to hide the bathtub. The curtain has a thick fabric with dark blue stripes. Even the bath towel, which is kept on the tub and basket, has the same imprint as that of the curtain. This is the best choice for women.

7. Striped artificial silk curtain:

It is gray and white striped curtain in three parts. The curtain begins with white and then follows with a dark and light shade of gray. This three-stripe curtain looks great with its dark gray wall and white sofa.

8.Linen striped curtain:

This is a horizontally striped linen curtain. Both the inner and outer curtains have a stripe design. This two way curtain style is fantastic and amazing. This bright shadow curtain goes well with the living room.

9. Modern striped curtain:

It is a modern red striped curtain with a white combination. This curtain is striking and attractive. It will be highlighted immediately. The curtain is hung on a hook that is easy to move on a steel rod.

You won’t find much design difference between all of the striped curtains. Only the color combination is different. However, you can distinguish your striped curtain by mixing it with lace or see-through curtain, or adding textures. You can even use the latest curtain accessories.

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