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Stage Curtains

Stage Curtains

Stage curtains are hung in theaters, auditorium and wedding stage. It is dropped at intervals. It is used to hide preparations from the performance and to give artists superstar access. This stage curtain is mostly simple and the same for many years. People rarely change it. This stage curtain is sometimes used as a backdrop for wedding parties and photo shoots.

Beautiful & best stage curtains:

Let’s see below the top 9 of the different types of designs available in stage curtains.

1st stage fire curtain:

It is a fantastic stage curtain fabric that has a fire curtain. The curtain falls as if a fire is lit. The curtain covered the entire stage. When the ups and downs fall, it looks like fire is going down and up.

2. Black stage curtains:

This black stage curtain is wide enough and is mainly used in the background. Large lights and camera are attached to the handle. While wearing a photo shoot, this type of background curtain is hung to highlight the person.

3. Wedding curtain:

It is background curtains for the stage is decorated in marriages. The red and gold curtain is so nicely straight and layered. The shiny metal foil curtain is also hung with a fabric curtain. Large artificial flowers are attached to it. This design can give a classic look that can surely decorate wedding stage with soft feel.

4. Brilliant stage curtain:

This velvety stage curtain hangs with panels. These velvet curtains are very thick and protective. It’s also half a panel design on top. The thickness of the velvet curtain helps hide the stage from the audience. This curtain feels heavy, so try it out for your stage.

5. Luxurious theater stage curtains:

It is a theater stage curtain that lights up behind the curtain. The white curtain is draped across the stage and behind it are lights of different colors. This colorful light throws colors onto the curtain.

6. Red stage curtains in the spotlight:

It is a red stage curtain covered with spotlights. The entire stage is decorated with spotlights at regular intervals. The light from the stage is dazzled on the curtain and the stage floor also appears in red.

7. Pipe & Drape White stage curtains:

It’s a white stage curtain that looks fantastic. The curtain is placed on a pipe with a pretty flower creation in the middle. The layer goes on both sides and the curtain is draped on both ends of the pipe. The curtain with pipe and curtain style is very nice.

8. Animated stage with curtains:

This type of stage with a curtain can mostly be seen in animated films. It is a completely red artistic creation of curtain work with blue spotlights from the ceiling. Three blue rays of light come together in the middle of the stage and form a large circle on the floor.

9. Auditorium stage curtain:

This stage curtain design is lovely. The curtain is blue in color and the top has a semicircular layer. This semicircle curtain is decorated with white and gold frills. This curtain draws attention with this pretty border work.

Mostly plain and simple, but sometimes it has another curtain accessory like a string of pearls to tie and frill with the edge. When the stage curtain falls off the stage, it looks like it’s raining. The main purpose of the stage curtain is mainly to hide the inner activities.

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