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Square Clocks

Wall clocks are extremely important timepieces that are attached to walls everywhere. They not only show time, but are also beautiful decorative pieces. Round clocks are the most common. What is different but square? The patterns available in it may be simple, but they look very stylish due to the shape. Square clock designs are not that easy to find, so they show how much has been searched to find the right one that hangs on the wall.

Given that this is a rare sight, it is believed that they don’t have many options. It is a myth. If you look at the right place, there are square wall clocks everywhere.

Modern square clock designs

Here we have entered 15 simple and latest square watch designs . Let’s take a look.

1. Square wooden wall clock:

The big square clock is very popular these days. These large square wooden wall clocks are made up of blocks that make them look extremely appealing. Wooden clocks in a square shape are usually used in rooms with exclusive wood decor.

2. Square metal wall clock:

Metal watches look super trendy. They can be in any color like white, black or metallic like silver or gold. They complement any kind of decor. Large or subtle, square metal clocks make them even more chic.

3. Oversized square wall clock:

Oversized wall clocks look really nice in large rooms like banquets or apartment lobbies. Because of their size, they are generally used commercially. Square oversized watches are much fancier than their round counterparts. This large square wall clock is a bespoke.

4. Monochrome square clocks:

For really color-specific decisions, black square wall clocks or white square wall clocks or any other color are readily available for that matter. The color looks very elegant, while also improving the color theme of the room.

5. Small square wall clock:

Small clocks are usually used on desks. They are square and also have an alarm function. They can be used at office tables or bedside tables or even at study tables where time recording is extremely important. This small square clock is beautifully designed and you can choose this clock as an option.

6. Digital square clocks:

Digital clocks are almost always square. They have many functions. They display the date, time and day of the month and you can choose between 24-hour format and 12-hour format. This is convenient for people working in industries that use 24-hour formats specifically.

7. Square kitchen clock:

Clocks used on kitchen walls can be called kitchen clocks. They generally have kitchen-related patterns. The special thing about these square kitchen wall clocks is that they have really turned out to spice up these otherwise dreary walls.

8. Designer Square watches:

Designer clocks are customer-specific wall clocks that are specially made to order. They can have any shape, but are often square, because the shape itself is not that common. Designer watches have differently used materials or differently shaped clock hands. Everything about them is tailor-made. They are unique in every way.

9. Large silver square clocks:

These are made of silver. They have elaborately engraved frames. Very regal to look at, they belong to rooms that are elaborately decorated and have a royal decor. Ideal for places that belong to the cultural heritage, these clocks are a fortune in themselves.

It is obvious that the options available in the square watch designs are numerous. We have to look for it in the right place. It is important that we do not allow ourselves to be carried away by preconceived notions about the beautiful and the rare. There is a square clock on the wall that looks just as beautiful as its round counterpart.

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