Dazzle and Shine: Embracing Sequin Sarees in Fashion

Dazzle and Shine: Embracing Sequin Sarees in Fashion

The sequin saris came from the Middle East and the Mediterranean countries. The sequins were originally used for shoes, bags and fabric for a rich look. It later developed into part of the decoration on the fabric. The word Sequin was derived from the Arabic word “Sikka”, which means “coins”. In the 13th century, people produced coins known in Venice as “Zecchinos”, and French adapted the word “sequins” from these coins, which means shaped coins. The sequins are essentially glittering ornaments with which the fabric is decorated. The sequin sarees are famous nowadays because they give a shiny, shiny, glittery and rich look and can be worn for special evenings as well as for ethnic occasions. The sequins are usually carried out on the border or in the lower part of the Sarees.

Sequin sarees meaning:

Sequin sarees are the best choice for festive occasions and special evening parties because they give a shiny headlight look. The sequins are usually thin, glittering leaves cut into round shapes in different colors. These sarees are designed based on the festive occasion (if any) and also the sequin colors are carefully selected based on the fabric color. The chosen fabric is usually silk material. The sequins make the fabric look better and complement the color of the fabric.

Sequin Saree Features:

However, the properties of sequin sarees are limited; The look it projects is absolutely superb! For sequin sarees there are a variety of designs that can be designed depending on the occasion.

  • The designs on the fabric vary depending on the color and fabric.
  • The silk can be designed with heavy work such as zari, pearls and mirrors, while the simple sequins also look stunning.
  • The sequin sari looks rich and beautiful, but is considered a maintenance-intensive sari.

What fabrics are used for sequin saris?

The sequin work is complemented by the fabric and it is important to choose the fabric wisely. The fabric should be good, smooth, and durable to hold the sequins in place. Usually the most chosen fabric for sequin saris is silk and crepe. Both silk and crepe give a shiny finish and also better match sequins if the right color is chosen. Sometimes cotton and georgette are also used.

Which body shape is preferred for women?

Every fabric is supplemented if it is worn correctly by the right structured person. The sequin saree is intended to complement the fabric and also the body shape of the person wearing it. The sequins that work on the fabric can be highlighted better if they are supported by a curvy hourglass structure that allows the ultimate shine of the sequins. The curvilinear structure holds the sequin in one place and the fabric movement emphasizes the shine.

Which blouse is suitable for these sequin saris?

Sequin saris look great with the right sequin blouse. This is best suited for the party and special occasions that are filled with light. The blouse that can be worn for a sequined saree is the blouse with a heart-shaped cutout pattern or a semi-networked blouse with a closed shoulder opening. The 3/4 sleeve blouse looks beautiful with the sequin saree and reinforces the border line of the saree. The blouse should be chosen with contrasting colored sequins or silver / gold – single colored sequins.

How to style sequin saris?

The best way to style the sequin saree is to wear it as a Lehenga, where the Pallu is widely used to better accentuate the designs. The perfect way to wear the sequin saree is to drop the pallu on one edge where the other edge is pinned. This way of wearing makes the design more visible and beautiful during the parties and the reflections of light scatter from every single piece of the sequin make it beautiful!

Sequin sarees are a new trend and they are now trendy in the fashion industry. The sequin saris are available in different designs and patterns and are the best choice for parties and special evening occasions. These sequined saris are usually preferred for any occasion and any place with lights. These sequin sharis are available in different patterns that are suitable for different occasions. The different colored sequins and fabrics make it a better choice for special occasions and parties. Choose the right style and color for the sequin saree that better suits your skin tone and occasion, and be the star of the evening / occasion!

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