Sensor Tap Designs: Hygienic and Convenient Water Fixtures for Modern Living

Sensor Tap Designs: Hygienic and Convenient Water Fixtures for Modern Living

Do the automatic taps in restaurants and hotels take your heart away? Gone are the days when normal taps were used everywhere. With the new inventions in technology, sensor tap designs are very popular today. The taps fall out of the water only by grasping the hands. With the further development of the washroom attics with censored taps, there is quite a trend today. Such taps not only give your washrooms and your home an advanced look, they also help save water, since the moment you take your hands from underneath the taps, they won’t let water drop compared to the taps.

What is sensor tap?

Popular as a water saver, automatic sensor taps or, for example, sensor taps are automatic taps that are equipped with a specific mechanism and sensor that opens the valve of the water to flow as soon as it detects the presence of hands nearby. After a few seconds, the tap closes the valve by itself or as soon as it stops grasping the hands underneath.

How do sensor taps work?

Are you considering how the sensor tap works? Here’s a little explanation:

  • The sensor tap must have a power connection or a battery connection.
  • With the help of the power supply, the sensors in the faucet can recognize the hands when they are placed under the faucet.
  • When the hands are under the sensor, the solenoid valve opens and the water flows out.
  • As soon as the hands are removed from under the tap or there is no object, the device sends a signal to the solenoid valve and closes.

This way, you can also save water that is wasted until you close the tap.

What needs to be considered when buying a sensor tap?

Here are some important things to consider when looking for a sensor sink tap:

  • Some taps are strongly triggered by the clothes we wear. So look for taps with hidden sensor eyes.
  • Look for infrared sensors that are compatible with various accessories and other glossy or reflective surfaces.
  • Pay attention to a minimum pressure of 0.7 bar, so that the sensor tap works effectively.
  • The timing and behavior of the sensor tap should be known. The tap should start the river as soon as it touches your hands and stop when it leaves the area.

Also pay attention to the variety of designs and price ranges with which they are compared to get the best.

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