Punjabi Panache: Embrace Tradition with Punjabi Salwar Suits

Punjabi Panache: Embrace Tradition with Punjabi Salwar Suits

Do you remember the bubbly character of “Geet” from the movie “Jab We Met”? Kareena Kapoor has highlighted the rustic Punjabi look, and her outfits were the talk of the town. Punjabi Salwar Suits, which were already the cultural icons of Punjab, have become famous across the country. The epitome of Punjabi Salwars was originally created exclusively for members of the royal family. In modern times, college girls, office workers, and even housewives switched from their boring, straight-cut salwars to the stylish Punjabi suits. In this article we will discuss in detail the new Punjabi Salwar suits and examine the 20 most popular designs in this segment.

Characteristics of Punjabi Salwar suits:

Here are some of the interesting features of Punjabi-style salwar suits:

  • Punjabi suits differ from the other types of salwar kameez suits in the style of the pants.
  • They are loose, loose trousers with a fold stitch.
  • Punjabi salwars with additional mass and narrowly embroidered folds are called patiala salwars, for which more than 3 meters of fabric are used.
  • Semi-Patiala and Patiala are both very popular with Indian women who prefer them for their style and comfort.
  • With their airy, breathable designs, Punjabi Salwars are the best picks for the hot summer in the country.
  • These suits are easy to care for and, depending on the fabric, can be dry-cleaned or machine washed.

Fabrics used in Punjabi Salwar suits:

The kurtas in Punjabi suits are made from many different materials for different occasions. However, the salwars are made from more fluid fabrics such as georgette, rayon, crepe, soft cotton and satin. The idea is to use a cloth that holds the wrinkle stitch in place and creates a voluminous look without sticking to the skin.

Preferred age group for Punjabi Salwar suits:

Punjabi suit and salwars are considered the national costume of the Punjab. They are a regular affair with Punjabi women who wear them as everyday clothing regardless of age group. However, contemporary suits are designed with different color combinations, fabrics, cuts and designs to suit the taste of millennials as well.

How to style Punjabi Salwar suits?

Are you planning a Saljun suit in Punjabi style? Check out these style tips to improve the look:

  • Punjabi suit salwar kameez sets are best suited for small gatherings, colleges and offices.
  • They usually come in simple designs, bright colors, and limited decorations.
  • If you chose the Punjabi Salwar suit for weddings, opt for silk materials with hard work.
  • Wear jutis with your Punjabi suits to achieve the perfect desi look.
  • Metal bracelets with funky earrings and a simple chain are ideal for the outfit.
  • Wear a hand-woven bag or clutch so that no stone remains on top of the other.

Now that you’ve seen the 20 best new Punjabi Salwar suit designs, it’s time to try them out! You can make these models from normal salwar suit fabrics. For additional folds on the patiala, you can use simple cotton or crepe fabric that matches the top and dupatta. It’s time to break the stereotypes and try something North Indian! When summers lurk in the corner, choose Punjabi-style suits for a casual, airy look!

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