Pooja Room Door Designs: Blending Tradition with Modernity

Pooja Room Door Designs: Blending Tradition with Modernity

Today we are all on earth with healthy health and prosperity because of the Almighty. He / she is the one who protects us every day. For this it is our respect towards them to give a small room in our own house in the form of a pooja room. If you’re blessed with a separate area for a mandir at home, you should have a nice and modern pooja room door design that highlights the beauty of the room. The pooja door not only separates the sacred in-house temple, but also shows us the exciting design feature that improves the overall look of the house.

Latest Pooja Room Door Designs:

Here we have entered 15 simple and best Pooja room door designs in different models. Let’s take a look.

1. Pooja plywood room door design:

This is the simplest plywood door frame design for a pooja room. The best thing about plywood is that it can be easily carved to create any design. You can see the rectangular gaps in the middle of the door. These gaps can be filled with religious drawings or bells to represent the sanctity of the room.

2.Teakwood pooja room door design:

Teak is one of the most expensive materials for the doors. This gives you a stylish and royal look for the room. This door gives your temple an authentic look at home. The engravings of Lord Ganesha above, the Kalash below and a long diya below with some fabulous patterns on the edge of the door give our old temples an old world charm.

3. Contemporary pooja room door design:

This contemporary door design contains the cutouts and engraved designs of ethnic Indian motifs such as diyas on the doors and the Kalash at the bottom of the door panels. The intricate designs at the top and bottom of the diyas give you the antique look that beautifies the simplest of the pooja rooms.

4. Pooja Room Door Cnc Design:

This is an example of mesh doors or is called a Jali design. The light of the diya in the temple room can be seen from these doors around the clock, and the scent of the fragrance sticks can be smelled when these doors are used for your pooja room. This is the best way to create an impressive semi-private enclosure for the prayer room.

5. MDF Pooja room door:

This door features the Jali design on the top and bottom of the door panels with brass bells in the rectangular grilles in between. The doorbell is not just a miniature version of the bells that hang in the temples, but the sound of the bells when they open picks up the mood of the temple at home. This sound, together with the scent of agarbathis, will surely make you feel in the temple.

6. Antique Pooja interior design:

This antique door design looks so regal as if this door was used by ancient kings in their temples. The golden motif of the goddess Laxmi Devi at the top is considered a good omen and believes in a continuous flow of money into your life. The designed gaps on the doors make it possible to pray from the outside and to take a bright look at the Lord from the outside.

7. Artistic Pooja Doors:

This is one of the fascinating creative door designs with exceptional craftsmanship. A single panel, divided into different grids with installed ethnic motifs, makes this design an outstanding design. The brass made Sri Chakras on the top and the lower brass made Diyas in the middle of the plate with traditional design make this door a unique door for your home. We are sure that the guests who come to your home will surely inquire about this beautiful design.

8. Rinse doors for pooja room:

Again, this is one of the simplest designs, but it gives your pooja room a perfect look. The pooja room in your house is like a temple, and the entrance to the pooja room should be compelling and divine. Lord Ganesh, who is considered a remover of obstacles, is beautifully engraved on the top, and a Kalasa is engraved on the bottom of the door, in which holy water is stored.

9. Net Pooja room door frame design:

This is a stylish laser cut lattice door design that can be integrated into your pooja room. This swastika design carved at the top gives you a calm and peaceful look. This design lets the natural light penetrate and also lets the light of the diya inside to illuminate your home with divinity. The gaps on the door can be filled with tiny brass bells to hear the sounds of the temple bells opening and closing.

10. Painted Pooja Mandir doors:

When it comes to religion, why should you restrict it in space? Show the world about the greatness of God by carving, engraving or painting the images of God on the door of the pooja room. The main material for the door is wood with a traditional golden handle. The images of the goddess on both panels and the conventional design around the door make them the unique rooms of the house.

11. Pooja room with glass doors:

Do you have no more space in your home and still want to embellish your Pooja room with a stylish door? This type of door design matches the modern, room-friendly Pooja rooms for small apartments and houses. The use of glass imparts grace and elegance with a sense of connectivity that allows full visual contact with the piety existing in the Pooja room around the clock.

12. Fusion Pooja Mandir Design:

Some people want a traditional feel for the temple, but at the same time want to give the door elegance. This door is made of teak and carved with traditional designs. Nevertheless, the glass piece adds transparency and contemporary elegance and makes it a fusion of the traditional and the modern. The transparent glass allows you to make the sacred place and piety visible day and night.

13. Pooja glass door with wooden frame:

The glass door design is most common for interior door designs. The majority of the glass in the above design gives you an elegant, refined look while offering stability with the sturdy wooden frame. You can add the feeling of divinity by painting or carving ethnic motifs like Kalasa or Diyas as well as gods and goddesses to complement the look of the pooja space.

14. Pooja room with transparent sliding door:

If the pooja room is in a tiny room where the doors cannot open inwards or outwards, this sliding door option can be used. This sliding door design also makes guests stand out. Painting God or Goddess on the transparent glass makes it look great.

15. Single door with holy bells:

Bells are considered sacred. The design of the doors with brass bells makes them the perfect choice for Pooja room doors. This door design has a sturdy wooden frame, in the brass bells of which the brass bells hang. These doorbells not only show the temple bells, but also the ringing of these bells fills the mood of the temple when opening and closing.

16. Metalwork pooja door design:

Nowadays, doors are not just function boards for getting in or out. The designs are very important, especially for people who want their pooja room door to look beautiful and traditional. This wooden door design with a huge piece of metal in the middle and antique carvings gives it a sophisticated look.

17. Stylish glass doors for Pooja Room:

This is a glass double door design. This design looks elegant without a special wooden or metal frame. The transparent glass door with translucent designs is an excellent choice for a Pooja room door. The glass maintains a feeling of seamlessness without causing a visual blockage of piety throughout the day.

Tips for choosing the Pooja room doors:

  • Pooja rooms usually have a small room in the house; Therefore, the doors should also be smaller in order to ensure smooth movement of the door inwards and outwards.
  • If the space is too small, sliding doors are preferable.
  • The pooja room should give us a sacred atmosphere, just as we get the mood when we visit a temple. Therefore, the doors should also have some ethnic motifs, such as Kalasa, Diyas, a swastika or the paintings of gods and goddesses.
  • We perform various pujas in the room, including lighting the diya or scent sticks. There is a possibility of catching fire. In such cases, choose non-combustible material for the design of doors.
  • The budget is also one of the critical factors that should be considered. Carving or engraving more detailed designs costs you more than simple designs. The cost also depends on the material of the door you choose.

Whether you have an independent house with a functional space or an apartment with moderate or less space in your house, a small space makes sense for the creator of this universe. The various Pooja room door designs mentioned above will meet your budget and space needs. Nowadays people pay more attention to pooja doors and choose the best ones that are both religious and trendy. I hope you also choose the right ones from the list above for your dream home.

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