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Plus Size Salwar Suits

The challenge of being an oversized woman is to find the right clothes for our choice! A shopping spree to buy something elegant and trendy can be embarrassing and disappointing. All we ever get is loose, loose clothing that resembles a poorly sewn bed sheet. But good news, ladies! Many brands have recognized the importance of including size. Plus Size Salwar Suits are the latest sensation in the Indian ethnic segment. They are specially made for large framed, curvy bodies. With well thought out patterns, designs and colors, these outfits can make you fall in love with your body again! Here are the 15 most popular plus size salwar kameez designs for women!

Features of Plus Size Salwar suits:

Here are some interesting features of plus size salwar suits:

  • Plus size suits were specially developed for women whose sizes are between XL and XXXXL
  • They are made of fabrics that can give them a sleeker look
  • With a combination of soothing and bold colors, these garments can decorate any woman’s look
  • The patterns of these dresses are carefully selected to avoid extra bulk
  • From workwear to wedding ensembles, oversize salwar suits offer for many occasions.

Oversized fabrics for salwar suits:

As mentioned above, oversized suits are made from materials that adhere to the body and can reproduce the natural shape without making them look heavy. Fabrics such as cotton, silk, velvet, jute, tussar, organza etc. that give a bulky appearance are avoided. Chiffons, georgettens, mesh, rayon, viscose, crepe, satin are preferred for the production of these outfits.

Types of salwar suits preferred by oversized women:

A real outfit for an oversized woman is one that can weaken her huge look. Some of these popular types of oversized salwar kameez make them look stylish and slim effortlessly:

  • Straight salwars cut below the hip
  • Narrow anarkalis yoke
  • Short salwar with pencil pants
  • Frock style salwars with narrow folds
  • Salwar kameez in caftan style
  • Vertical prints of Salwar Kameez
  • Soft chiffon kurtas

How to style oversize salwar suits?

These expert-style hacks can help you look flawless in your Plus Size Salwar suits:

  • Choose flowing fabrics like chiffons, georgetts instead of rigid materials to look slim.
  • If you have a bulky lower abdomen area, opt for A-cut dresses to hide the excess fat.
  • Anarkali and Angrakha dresses work well for people with heavy waist.
  • An empire-style dress can draw attention to your waist and help show off your curves.
  • Instead of wearing a collar of dresses with a closed neck, you should opt for dresses with a deep and wide neck.
  • Wear a light dupatta in fashion to camouflage your excess fat.
  • When it comes to jewelry, wear either large earrings or a necklace and never both.
  • Wear high-heeled shoes or sandals for a slimmer appearance in the thigh area.

Astonished by these 15 oversized salwar suits? Not many women know that they have so many options in the market. Due to lack of self-confidence and knowledge of oversized clothing, women tend to bully themselves for being tall. It is time to end this struggle and to gain awareness of body positivity. Don’t let your size determine your beauty! Start loving your body and give it the best care it deserves!

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