Casual Chic: Essential Plaid Shirts for Men’s Wardrobes

Casual Chic: Essential Plaid Shirts for Men’s Wardrobes

Have you ever come across plaid men’s shirts? We are sure that most of you have already come across this autumn season’s favorite fashion! These shirts have been very popular around the world for ages and are still used by the same enthusiasm. Why not! They are pretty fancy and the patterns are different to suit different styles and preferences, including business events at best. If you like classic styles and preferences, you cannot miss these new trends of plaid shirts in India. Let’s get in and explore the famous and best trends with plaid looks and how to style them.

Plaid shirts for men: features

The most characteristic features of the unique checkered men’s shirts are as follows.

  • Plaid shirts come in different colors and patterns. The most popular colors are red, blue and black and white
  • The fabric for checkered shirts mainly consists of soft wool, yarn and tartan.
  • The checkered shirts also have different variants within the same, with short to long sleeves and different fits.
  • You can also find the checkered shirt variant in other shapes, such as: B. Blazers.

Types of plaid patterns:

If you assume that all plaid men’s shirts look similar, you are wrong! You won’t believe us when we say that there are almost ten different check patterns. Here are some top ones.

  • Tartan: a series of vertical and horizontal lines that meet at right angles to form checks and squares
  • Madras: It comes from Chennai, India and is made with different routes of different widths to create boxes or checks
  • Houndstooth: Also known as a dog tooth, with pointed stars that look like dog teeth
  • Window pane: Only two-tone, with thinner and even lines
  • Graph check: Look formal with classic little squares
  • Gingham: Delicate plaids with thicker lines and darker color
  • Chessboard: With uniformly sized squares and changing colors
  • Glen Plaid: With a combination of lines and houndstooth
  • Argyle: Overlapping diamond-shaped pattern in a unique way
  • Dupplin: Complex design with larger boxes and squares
  • Buffalo Check: Larger squares with wide cut lines

These are just the common types of check patterns. most of us come over. However, others can be found in different locations around the world. Don’t be shocked – now let’s see the most popular strains in India that you can surely get your hands on!

How Best Style Plaid Shirts For Men?

The styling of the plaid work shirts is not very difficult and here are some tips.

  • Make it look simple and minimalistic. Given that plaid patterns themselves are very stylish, you shouldn’t overdress.
  • You can add the blazer to the contrasting color so that it appears semi-normal on related events.
  • Never wear sandals with these shirts. Better wear shoes, be it formal or casual.
  • Jeans are best for casual occasions with plaid shirts. They best fit in several age groups.
  • However, you can turn it into a semi-normal look by putting on shirts with formal pants.

Plaid shirts are now being modernized with different patterns to make them more delightful and awkward for men. It gives you a nice selection of colors to choose from to decorate your wardrobe. The design was first launched in the 16th century. After that, some changes were made to be the best. Because the material is thick, it is durable and the softness of the material makes it a great shirt to shop for in summer, on beaches, or for casual wear.

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