Dazzle in Phulkari Sarees

Dazzle in Phulkari Sarees

It’s no surprise that Phulkari saris are gaining a foothold in Punjab, India, with all their traditional looks. It is a dream for every Punjabi girl out there to wear Phulkari saris. The mixture of the essence of the Punjab style, combined with the best possible use of designs and embroidery, makes the saris very fashionable and in need. Phulkari Sarees have also found their way into Punjab folklore with the stories of Heer and Ranjha.

The concept of Phulkari saris was brought to India by the Jat in Central Asia in ancient antiquity. So the style was used not only by Sikhs, but also by Hindus and Muslims.

Phulkari Sarees meaning:

Phulkari sarees are mostly worn by brides during a wedding season as this type of saree is the first choice for most brides. Lively colors are usually worn, e.g. B. bright red, orange and blue tones. You can also wear these Phulkari saris for everyday use, as you can also easily find Phulkari saris with sober colors that look very simple, yet very stylish. With Phulkari designs, you can not only wear saris, but also kurtis, dupattas, etc.

Phulkari Saree characteristics:

  • The main feature of Phulkari Saree is the use of different types of embroidery on the Saree body. This involved sewing threads together, creating different types of thread work, be it horizontal, vertical or diagonal.
  • The technology made the saree look unique and great when worn by women. It showed the normal and routine life of a Punjabi woman. With the help of Phulkari designs, normal saris look exquisite and pleasant on the eyes.

What fabrics are used for Phulkari Sarees?

The fabric used to make Phulkari sarees is only homemade khaddar, along with the addition of embroidery obtained from the darning. The weaving was mainly done by the Punjabi women who started their undisturbed weaving after completing their housework. The seams that are made on the saris have a silky feel due to the thread used, which has taken design elements from everything around them, including the surrounding scenic beauty.

Which body shape is preferred for women?

There is no hard and fast rule about the type of body shape you need to wear Phulkari saris. Whether you are slim or chubby, Phulkari saris suit every woman’s body shape. That being said, you should always focus on beautifying your look as this will also help you improve your overall beauty factor. Adding jewelry or handbags will prove a blessing and will emphasize your new Phulkari saree overall.

Which blouse goes with Phulkari Sarees?

You can add any type of blouse with Phulkari Saree, be it high neck or just boot neck. Phulkari saris are very versatile in their appearance and uniqueness. Therefore, you need to choose the type of blouse that suits you better and also makes you look good. You have to keep a balance between the two. The type of season also determines what type of blouse you want to wear. The type of blouse to be worn in summer is completely different in the winter season.

How to style Phulkari Sarees?

Phulkari sare styling is very easy as you have to invest in some oxidized jewelry sets and get started. You don’t need a lot of accessories to make your Phulkari Saree stand out. Keeping it simple should be the way to go. A simple necklace with earrings and bangles and a wallet should also work very well. You can also try to mess things up a bit and find out which things best match your look.

It is easy to see that Phulkari saris are very popular not only in India but also internationally. The way a Phulkari Saree is made takes a lot of work and therefore design and materials are in great demand. Aside from that, you can choose the type of Phulkari saree that suits your budget and appearance, and design your own saree the way you want it. Hopefully you enjoyed this article. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please let us know.

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