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Patchwork Blouse Designs

Gone are the days when women were satisfied with their simple or printed blouses. Modern women always want to experiment with their looks and develop new ideas every time. However, you cannot afford Maggam work blouses for every event. Patch work blouse designs make a decisive difference here. They use embroidered patches that can be easily embroidered directly onto the blouse. From color blocks to flowers, animal motifs to abstract designs, patchwork blouses are offered in different styles to suit the taste of the individual. Read on to discover the latest designs in this segment!

Features of patchwork blouses:

Check out some of the trend features of patchwork blouses:

  • Patchwork blouses are a combination of two or more fabrics or textures.
  • A simple blouse is mixed with a contrasting color or a patterned fabric like mesh, brocade to create a stunning design.
  • Instead of expensive handicrafts, simple blouses are also provided with embroidered patches.
  • Kalamkari patches, multi-colored patches or shoelaces are added to create new designs on the blouse.
  • Bows, neck designs, piping, buttons, etc. are also part of the patchwork models.

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