Welcoming Entryways: Enhancing Your Space with Panel Door Designs

Welcoming Entryways: Enhancing Your Space with Panel Door Designs

Every house is different! It is the result of a lot of thinking, planning, and designing to an individual’s taste. The same logic applies to straight doors. Different types of doors must be selected depending on the intended use. Panel door designs are strongly recommended for outdoor use in particular due to their strength and durability.

Door panels are made from a range of materials such as wood or glass to achieve different effects. They offer superior performance in terms of style and safety. They are also available in a range of styles to create a look as unique as your taste! In this article you will learn more about the importance of panel doors with their types, the shopping guide and the 10 newest designs on the Indian market!

What is a panel door?

As the name suggests, a panel door is a door made of wooden panels instead of a solid wooden block. Depending on the size of the door, square and rectangular panels are put together to form an entire door. These panels can either be raised or held at the same height as the door.

What are the advantages of panel doors?

While the main purpose of Panel Doors is to secure a home, they offer many other benefits, which are listed below:

  • Panel doors are superior to flush doors. This makes them perfect for outdoor areas and entry points.
  • The design of these doors can be adapted to the rest of the decor. You can choose a sophisticated style or keep it simple.
  • Panel doors last quite a long time and are not easily worn out. They are also weatherproof and perfect for wet conditions.
  • These doors are difficult to break. For this reason, many homeowners vouch for panel doors for their homes.
  • You can easily maintain these doors with some varnish or varnish.

What are the different types of panel doors?

There are different types of panel doors on the market. Here are the most popular:

  • Single panel door: In this door, two vertical panels, called “Stiles”, are attached to a horizontal rail at the top and bottom, which measure the same thickness.
  • Double door: It resembles a single panel door with an additional spar in the middle of the door.
  • Door with three panels: In this door, three wooden panels are attached to two vertical bars and four horizontal rails.
  • Door with six panels: It consists of six wooden panels with two vertical and three central spars and four paneled rails.

How to choose the right door designs for houses?

Before you invest in a panel door, you should go through this list of buying tips:

  • Panel doors are solid doors and are mainly used for outdoors. You can also use them for your bedroom, living room and starting points.
  • Depending on your budget, you can choose between light and heavy doors. A solid panel door is very expensive compared to a hollow panel door.
  • If you have an interior door, you can opt for a single or double paneled door in simple designs.
  • Panel door styles can be tailored to your requirements. Be sure to ask your designer before buying one.
  • Decorative doors with panels give your room beauty. Try them on your front doors to leave a lasting impression.

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