Radiate Elegance in Orange Sarees: A Splash of Vibrancy

Radiate Elegance in Orange Sarees: A Splash of Vibrancy

The thought of sunshine, warmth and happiness only reminds us of one color – orange! Orange is a symbol of the beautiful tropical climate, which is always brightly illuminated with the orange sun rays. The use of this color in India has always existed. It is a shade associated with Hinduism where the saffron, an orange shade, stands for holiness and purity. Wearing orange saris is considered a good omen for Indian women. Married women especially like to be adorned with this beautiful shade, with an additional hint of orange vermilion on the forehead. Learn about this divine color and discover the latest orange saree designs.

Meaning of orange sarees:

Orange has always been associated with Indian history and culture. Orange curtains are often used in temples to disguise the idols of the gods and goddesses. Orange stands for wealth, energy and optimism. It is believed that wearing orange sarees brings good luck to women, especially new brides who are embarking on a new journey of their lives.

Properties of orange sarees:

Here are some interesting features of orange sarees:

  • The original orange dyes come from nature like the roots of madder roots, saffron etc.
  • Cotton and silk fabrics were dipped in these orange dyes in various shades to achieve the desired performance
  • Modern saris are artificially colored in factories and are resistant to color leaks
  • They come in various prints, patterns and embroidered works for different occasions.
  • Orange saris go perfectly with colors such as green, pink, blue, brown, yellow and even black.

Suitable age group for orange saris:

Orange is a color for which there is no age limit. From teenagers to eighty-year-olds, women of all ages can easily wear this color. While bright orange tones are suitable for adolescents, muted orange tones like saffron go well with middle-aged women.

How to style orange saris?

How to get the perfect look of your orange saree:

  • For a boho look, we recommend an orange saree with calligraphy print and a Rudraksha pearl necklace.
  • Mix orange sarees with a light green edge and a pink blouse to light the show.
  • You can wear contrast colored accessories to enhance the look of your saree.
  • Wearing earthen jewelry such as terracotta, wood and handmade accessories will surely give you a desi-diva look.
  • If you choose an embroidered potli bag, the beauty of your saree will be taken to the next level.

Suitable blouses with orange saris:

Check out some of these latest blouse options that go very well with different types of orange sarees:

  • Green raw silk boat blouse with a neckline
  • Black mesh blouse with a pot neck
  • Golden mirror work blouse
  • Blue kutch work blouse
  • Cream-colored blouse with full sleeves
  • Purple cotton silk blouse with maggam work
  • Orange-cut work blouse (for shaded saris)

Surprised by the incredible opportunities in the Orange Sarees segment? Orange sarees complement the dark skin tone of Indian women like no other color! It is often viewed as the modern alternative to the traditional maroon and red tones. The orange color is also indispensable for Hindu women who consider it the “color of the divine”. If you want to express such ideologies while keeping an overview of the fashion game, these curtains are the best choice!

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