Open and Inviting: Exploring Open Kitchen Designs for Modern Homes

Open and Inviting: Exploring Open Kitchen Designs for Modern Homes

The kitchen is considered the temple of the house because it is the place from which we bring our energy to life every day. This is the main reason why a kitchen needs to be well designed with high quality material that also contains electronic kitchen appliances. Open kitchen designs are now the new trend to decorate a house with a different style and pattern. Such designs are beneficial for families. Women prefer this type of design for their kitchen. It helps maintain a smoke-free environment in the kitchen.

Open kitchen designs come in different designs and in your budget. In this article, we provide some of the latest ideas for open kitchens with photos. Choose your favorite from the list below.

Best open kitchen designs:

Here we have entered 15 simple and modern open kitchen designs. Let’s take a look.

1. Open kitchen in the living room:

The living room with an open kitchen is the new way of building the house to avoid additional space for the construction of a separate kitchen with a lot of money. The open kitchen in the living room makes it easier for women to serve food straight from the kitchen to the dining table. This is the choice of women for their comfort from the kitchen to the direct living room.

2. Small open kitchen in the hall:

For a studio apartment where there is less space for a separate kitchen, this small model with an open kitchen is well suited for a simple stove and some cupboards with a sink. A good pattern is available in this type of design if you have a small space for a kitchen in your hall.

3. Marble slab open kitchen design:

Open kitchen designs with a separate cooker with an oven on one side and a separate marble counter table on the other, which can also be used to store and chop vegetables, fruit and other necessities.

4. Open kitchen influenced by Nordic style:

Scandinavian designs are very functional and offer a very elegant ambience. When we think of Nordic style, the color white appears, but to make a change, the kitchen with dark cabinets can be designed with a side table that functions as a mini breakfast table.

5. Open kitchen with wood design:

Open kitchen designs made entirely of wood make the entire kitchen look fabulous and attractive. The counter table can also be made of thick wood, which mainly consists of teak or rosewood. The maintenance of this wooden kitchen is strongly recommended.

6. Integrated open kitchen system with brick attachment:

With this type of design, all appliances such as stove, microwave and refrigerator are integrated with the other cabinets to make room in the kitchen. The main focus is on the integrated small brick plate, which is attached under the wooden cabinet.

7. Open kitchen with wooden cupboards:

Wall paint is an open kitchen interior design ideas. In order to create a contrast between the hallway and the kitchen, light or mild colors are used when painting the kitchen wall. The cabinets are selected in contrasting colors.

8. LED illuminated cabinet open kitchen design:

An LED lighting system can be used to give the kitchen design a lavish look. The lights are fixed in the cabinets, which are programmed so that the light is automatically switched on when the cabinet door is opened.

9. Granite countertop designed open kitchen design:

The worktop is the main part of the large open kitchen design, as the small kitchen lacks the space for the worktop. These worktops can be designed with different materials, here granite is used, which is one of the expensive stones. This stone requires the same care as wood.

10. Modern open kitchen design:

Modern open kitchen design All shelves and the cooktop are made of a glossy material that is sometimes covered with a thin layer of glass to make it look fuller and shinier. The kitchen is equipped with a huge worktop with a high chair design.

11. Mini Open Kitchen Design:

The design of a small or small kitchen works well for a one-bedroom house where space is limited. The space to set up a dining table is questionable. In this case, it is best to use an open kitchen system for a dining table, where a thick block of wood is carved into a table, accompanied by a wooden bench on both opposite sides of the table.

12. White Open Kitchen Design:

This color combination of white and wood-colored material is not only very popular in the design of kitchen shelves and tables, but is also used in the manufacture of small accessories. This kitchen can be made of pure wood or synthetic laminated wood together with a white lacquered steel frame or a frame made of old wood.

13.Rustic open kitchen design:

Nowadays, it’s also a popular design to create an acid-washed, rustic look, as this type of designer kitchen doesn’t require a lot of expensive material. The rustic look can be complemented by yellow lights and a small round wooden chair.

14. Antique stove installs open kitchen design:

The antique designer kitchen is actually a bit expensive, as this look requires a lot of research to find the right accessories to install in the kitchen. The furnace design plays an important role.

15. Indian Open Kitchen Designs:

Indians have adapted to the latest European designer kitchen designs in Indian style by giving the kitchen a different look. This view is achieved through the use of some wallpaper with floral patterns that are glued to the colored cupboards. The countertop and cabinets give a couple of color designs.

Choosing the right open kitchen requires a high level of knowledge of the current kitchen design and its availability in India. Choosing a large open kitchen design for a small house or vice versa is a serious mistake. Choose wisely before investing a large amount in this important thing of choosing open kitchen designs.

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