Onam Sarees: Embracing Tradition with Kerala’s Finest

Onam Sarees: Embracing Tradition with Kerala’s Finest

Onam is considered the colorful South Indian festival traditionally celebrated in Kerala. The festival is a symbol of heritage and culture, which is celebrated on the return of Lord Mahabali, who sacrificed his life for people. Again it is a harvest festival that takes place in the monsoon. But do you know another tradition that women in Kerala follow? Yes, during the festival women follow the tradition of wearing the Onam Saree designs. The saree consists of a combination of just two colors, white and gold, which are symbols of good luck and fortune. In addition to the saree, wearing gold ornaments is equally important.

Meaning of white saree & gold jewelry during onam:

The Onam Saree, also known as Kasavu Saris and Mundum Neriyathum Saris, plays an important role according to the Kerala traditions.

  • According to the tradition of Kerala, this saree is considered the most sacred and is therefore worn on this day.
  • Since gold is both the culture of the state and the symbol of wealth, it is accompanied and bought by the Saree, because it is believed that it brings wealth, happiness, and happiness to the family.

What fabric were Onam Sarees made of:

The fabric of the Onam Saree collections was originally designed from hand-woven materials such as cotton silk or cotton. Nowadays, however, they are available in various other fabrics such as pure silk, which give it a designer look. Along with the fabric, the saree also gets a thick golden border made of gold threads. Priorat, the designs were very simple, which is now being replaced by designs such as lines, checks, shapes, leaves, flowers, etc.

Which blouse goes with Onam Saree?

Whether you choose one of the latest Onam sarees or choose a traditional one, the Saree can be worn with simple blouses made of silk or cotton-silk material as well as with a designer look. The saris are mostly combined with red or green blouses, but today they are given golden and decorative blouses that improve the look of the saree. The simple blouses are now given fancy neckline work with pearls, mirror work, etc. This gives the saree a wonderful view.

How to style the saris in Onam?

  • Have you ever checked the Onam Saree models? How do you wrap the saris? Confused, this saree can be packaged in various ways in Onam.
  • They can either be worn in the traditional Kerala style or wrapped with pallu on the left shoulder.
  • Another popular style in which the saree is worn is the Namboothiri style, which is performed in the southern part of India.
  • For the finishing touch, the hands, neck, ears and of course the Maang Tikka are decorated with gold jewelry.

The Onam Saris are the current attraction of the beautiful ladies in Kerala. These types of sarees come with different colors, designs, and styles that can confuse you when choosing one for you. Undoubtedly, the saris for Onam are generally available in white, today different colors and especially the fabulously printed saris with birds, god, natural scenes etc. are printed quite well on it. To make it more decorative, the saris are also designed with different charms.

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