Metal Belts: Adding Edge to Your Outfit

Metal Belts: Adding Edge to Your Outfit

The new funky and designer belts have secured their own place in the closets of several women. Whether for official purposes or to give your casual look a funky or stylish look, the designer belts in different patterns are often selected by women. Among the various materials used to make the belts, such as leather, velvet, cotton, polyester, etc., the belts made of metal are widely used due to their heartbreaking designs and finishing.

Different types of women’s metal belts for the waist:

The fashion shows this year gave a variety of metal belts with precise workmanship and wonderful designs. Let’s take a look at some selected metal belt designs.

1. Silver mesh belt:

A silver metal belt with mesh design looks fantastic on long and short dresses and gives the wearer a princess look. The belt is made of a sterling silver metal and is embossed to get a mesh design. The beautiful dark light tone of the metal belt makes it more attractive.

2. Metal chain belt design:

A pretty belt design made of metal that gives a chain look goes well with any outfit. It is a widely used design of metal belts for women. The belt has a chain look and is made of alcohol, which gives a golden color effect. It looks gorgeous, especially in short dresses.

3. Flower belt design:

Would you like to have an enchanting look for your party tonight or in a disco or pub? Try a belted metal with floral patterns and circular patterns set with white stones. It gives jeans, capri and short dresses a beautiful look for a magical look.

4. Metal coin belt:

A full metal belt made up of several coins connected together looks amazing. The design is also worn as a waistband for casual wear and ethnic clothing. It is very often worn on jeans or cholis on Navratri.

5. Wide metal belt with chain:

Looking for a simple but iconic design for designers and fashionable outfits! Get a simple wide metal belt in a cream look for your outfit. The design is widely accepted by working women due to its availability in several other colors.

6. Triple String Belt:

A triple thong belt looks great when worn with jeans and capri. The metal belt consists of three different strings, one with a chain pattern and the other with cute jingles to give the wearer a cute look. It is highly selected by college bugs on Palazzo.

7. Oxidized belt design:

The belts are now also worn for ethnic clothing, especially for designer fiefdom or Patiala for Navratri. The belt metal is a beautiful design made of oxidized metal and looks attractive when decorated. Amazing jingles and charms give every woman a mysterious look.

8. Metallic pearl belt:

A designer belt made of bronze metal gives dresses such as short dresses, jeans, capri etc. an enchanting look. The design of metal belts for women gets a bronze pearl design, which gives it a beautiful look.

9. Leaf Designed Silver Metal Belt:

Would you like a princess look with a leaf belt inspired by nature? The silver metal belt has a leaf pattern on the front. There is a fantastic view of casuals and amazing designer dresses in high society parties. There is also a royal approach to the wearer.

The metal belts have conquered a large part of the fashion market due to their amazing designs. Other charms such as jingles, pearls, diamonds, etc. give the waistband a nifty look when mixed with the metal. Even simple metal belts are often worn on formalities by women for official purposes.

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