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Mangalsutra Set

Mangalsutra Set

A Mangalsutra symbolizes a woman’s marital status! However, it is not fair to ask the lady to use a boring old style design. For this reason, designers have developed unique concepts for Mangalsutra chains. The idea of ​​Mangalsutra set designs has revolutionized the way a Mangalsutra is worn. Instead of looking for a pair of matching earrings each time, Mangalsutra sets come with matching earrings and pendant sets. Excited? We are sure that you are! Read on to discover some of these trendy designs!

Meaning and properties of Mangalsutra set designs:

Here are some of the characteristic features of Mangalsutra set designs:

  • Mangal sutra sets usually consist of gold and black pearls. They come with a chain and earrings.
  • These sets come in simple or great designs for all occasions.
  • The most popular designs are diamonds or American diamonds for everyday and occasional use.
  • Mangalsutra sets are easy to style and go with almost any outfit.
  • Depending on your taste, you can also choose long models or short Mangalsutra designs.
  • The chains also come in a single layer, two or more layers for a chic look.

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