Keep Your Essentials Safe: Long Wallets for Every Occasion

Keep Your Essentials Safe: Long Wallets for Every Occasion

Wallets were mainly made for cash, credit cards, ID cards and driving licenses. Then came a time when other necessities had to be carried – such as passports, check books, etc. The main function of the wallet changed and a new style of long wallets emerged. Long wallets are ideal for storing in the man’s breast pocket and ideal for on the go. The long wallets keep the money horizontal and there is no fear of tearing the folds.

Trendy new and stylish designs for long wallets for men and women:

Here are the top 9 designs of long size wallets.

1. Real double long cowhide wallet:

This wallet is handmade from cowhide. It has 8 credit card slots and 2 ID windows. It also has a zip pocket and 2 pockets for cash. The leather is soft and durable. It is also a good type of wallet to give away.

2. Vintage Look Genuine Leather Long Bifold Wallet:

This stylish wallet is ultra slim and made from vintage leather. It has 13 credit card slots, 1 ID display window, 2 cash rooms and 2 SIM card slots. It has an RFID block to keep all important information safe.

3. Handmade Leather Long Biker Wallet:

This is a completely handmade wallet. It is also known as Biker’s Wallet. It is made of bridle leather and is very durable. It has 8 pockets for credit cards and 2 slots for cash. It also has a brass medallion linked by a brass chain, giving it a stylish look.

4. Olive Leather Long Wallet:

Made from worn leather that gives it a vintage look. It has a versatile wallet with style and substance. It has 6 card slots and 2 inside pockets as currency holders. It is available in two colors – dark brown and smoky.

5. Money wallet:

This is a multi-purpose folder. It has a foil closing button. It has a passport pocket, 12 card slots and 3 large pockets. It can store a variety of documents in one place and is ideal for on the go. It avoids any hurry and confusion at the airport terminals.

6. Men’s leather leather wallet:

This long wallet is made of pure leather and is a trendy organizer. It can contain a number of credit cards as well as cash. This is suitable for men who love to make a style statement. It has 18 slots for credit cards in three folders, 1 window slot for ID cards and pockets for checkbooks, cash, etc.

7. Black & Brown Executive Long Wallet:

It is made of high quality leather and feels very soft. It is long lasting and lasts for some time. It has an additional vertical storage option that fits easily into your jacket pocket. This is available in two color combinations: black with a brown border and brown with a black border.

8. Long wallet with buckle:

It is made of high quality leather. It has a synthetic leather and polyester lining that is very durable. It has 2 wallets, 1 zip pocket and a zipped card slot. It also has the ability to hold the phone, card ID, and credit. It also has 4 photo slots.

9. Long clutch wallet:

It has a large capacity and can hold phones, credit cards, cash, coins, etc. It offers space for 8 cards, 3 compartments for phone, cash, 2 intermediate layers for the cards and 1 zip pocket. It is made of PU leather and has a synthetic leather lining. It can be washed with water or a small amount of detergent.

Long wallets are ideally travel wallets. You can keep passports, tickets, boarding passes, various currencies, credit cards, travelers checks, itineraries, travel insurance, hotel bookings and more.

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