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Long Blouses For Women

Aishwarya Rai was in the spotlight in Cannes a few years ago because she wore a different style blouse with her saree. Unlike the usual bust blouse, she opted for a waist-length, long blouse to hide her postpartum fat without compromising on style. This paved the way for a new trend in the fashion industry, and women have embraced it with grace. Long blouse designs are great for all body shapes, especially if you don’t need to flaunt a tight stomach. In this article we show you the pictures of long blouse models that you can try out.

Characteristics of long blouse designs:

Here are some key features of long blouse designs:

  • Long blouses are inspired by traditional jackets that go down to the waist.
  • They offer full coverage of the waist and middle reef and resemble a short shirt.
  • The upper part of these blouses is designed with collar necks or high necks. Very rarely do they come in deep neck designs.
  • These blouses are also available in two or three layers by adding coats, shrugs or vests to the base blouse.
  • Instead of a simple waist, folds are added to achieve a peplum effect on the blouse.
  • The front part is equipped with a button placket or a metal zipper for easy closing.

How long do blouses style?

Follow the tips below for experts to look stylish in your long blouse:

  • Long blouses are great for any occasion. However, you have to choose the design and the fabric carefully.
  • For printed saris, choose a simple, long blouse with a peplum waist and no decoration.
  • Combine cotton sarees with a shiny brocade long blouse for a trendy look.
  • Georgette Saris go perfectly with these blouses. So invest in some simple and working saris.
  • Tie your hair into a neat knot to show off these beautiful necks.
  • Drape your saree in narrow folds so as not to look bulky.

These are some of the most seductive long blouses to try out! These elegant models adhere to your waist like a dream and smooth your curves. They also hide unnecessary bulk around your belly and give it a flat look. Just make sure you use the right material that fits your body shape instead of blindly following the trends. If you’ve tried any of these patterns, let us know your fashion experiences!

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