Timeless Tradition: Embrace Cultural Beauty with Lehenga Sarees

Timeless Tradition: Embrace Cultural Beauty with Lehenga Sarees

If you haven’t heard about the Lehenga-style Sarees collection, you need to know that these latest variants have been quite trendy on the Indian fashion market in recent years. Whether at celebrations, weddings or bridal fashion collections, the fashion enthusiasts have already tried to try the Lehenga saris everywhere in new patterns and designs. But how do they differ from normal saree or lehenga? A Lengha Saree consists of Lehenga Choli and a traditional dupatta that is wrapped. The special thing about it is that no wrinkles are required for this style and that it is very comfortable to wear. The Dupatta or the Lehenga Choli has a pronounced style factor. Let’s go ahead and explore the uniqueness of these styles!

Lehenga Saree features:

Lehenga-style saree draping is not done exactly like a saree and does not differ significantly from the idea. Here are some peculiarities of this style.

  • This saree consists of three components: traditional lehenga, blouse and choli or dupatta. One should put choli or dupatta around the skirt in a certain way.
  • Lehenga Wala Saree is available in different colors and designs. You can choose to have a traditional look or to choose modern designer clothes.
  • They can come in embroidery or tsari work or with embellishments and heavy work.
  • They are suitable for essential traditional events or celebrations. They give a classic look to any Indian girl or woman who wears them.

How to style Lehenga Sarees?

It’s not just about wearing these modern and contemporary trends, it’s also about how to style them right away. Here are a few secrets we will share with you.

  • Depending on the work or embroidery on these Lehenga saris, you have to decide on the type of styling.
  • If you have a strong Lehenga saree, you can use bulky or minimal accessories and styling depending on the event. For example, bridal wear may require strong Lehengas styling, although it is pleasant to work with Lehenga Saris. On the other hand, if you have simple ones, go with bold accessories and looks.
  • Never leave your hair simple. The key to flaunting your style and beauty in these stylish garments is always to dress up and have the right hairstyle. Go with good half braids or buns.
  • Wear the correct stone collar piece. Almost all of these variants go with gold or Kundan.
  • Equip with real chappals. Wear sandals, heels or bridal wear from Kolhapur.

Now is the time to break away from the monotonous and common saree styles and try this brand new saree collection in the Lehenga style. You don’t have to be bored when you wear the same old clothes again, but try these styles with modern and contemporary style statements. Share your thoughts with us and which one is your favorite? We are happy to hear from them!

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