Timeless Grace: Lace Blouse Designs for Classic Femininity

Timeless Grace: Lace Blouse Designs for Classic Femininity

The concept of combining a traditional saree with a very “English” looking blouse was introduced by the women of the then aristocratic families. Since lace was very expensive at the time, these ladies considered it a privilege to wear them and combine them seamlessly with Indian clothing. Later, many celebrities and even ordinary women followed this classic trend. Now let’s see how you can replicate similar looks by getting to know their features, styling tips and 10 latest lace blouse designs that you can get inspiration from.

Indian saree is about celebrating the essence of femininity. How could you complement this experience better than with the delicate beauty of the lace blouses? Lace is known for its petite, pretty appearance and an eternal favorite with women of all classes. The art of lace making was introduced to India in the late 19th century and has since become a mainstream material in the country.

What are the main features of lace blouses?

Check out some of the distinctive features of lace blouse designs for Saree:

  • Lace is a fragile material that is made either by hand or by machine. It is soft and very prone to damage. Making a blouse from lace requires a lot of patience and precision.
  • Since lace is a transparent material, a lining cloth is added underneath. The matching color of the contrast dye can make the pattern visible.
  • The neck and sleeves are usually kept without lining as this can give the blouse more beauty.
  • The best way to deal with a lace blouse is to keep it as simple as possible. Boat necks, high necks and treasure necks are the most preferred styles in saris.
  • The mesh body of this fabric does not carry much thread or needlework. For this reason, most blouses are delivered without decorations or at most with small pearls or additional edges.

Which sarees go with lace blouses?

Lace blouses are worn with flowing saris and light curtains. However, this does not prevent you from experimenting with heavy silk or Kanjeevarams. You can choose different lace bindings to give your old clothes a stunning new look.

Here are some of the most popular looks you should try:

  • Georgette Sarees
  • Embroidered saris
  • Pattu Sarees (Use a combination of silk and lace for better support)
  • Chiffon and crepe sarees
  • Netted Sarees – Simple and hard work
  • Lace saris

How to style lace blouses?

Follow these style tips and make the Fusion look like a pro:

  • First of all, you need to know that a lace blouse is expensive and requires a little investment. So you can opt for a simple blouse in white, black or beige that literally fits every saree in your wardrobe.
  • Choose a tip that looks good and is durable at the same time. Avoid cheap, shiny things that can take away beauty.
  • Opt for a transparent neck, shoulders, sleeves and back for a sensual look. Keep your chest covered with good padding and lining underneath.
  • Keep your saree fluent. Use a simple cloth to highlight your blouse unless it’s a very stiff material.
  • Add bows, threads, or knots to make your outfit look more appealing.
  • Use fine jewelry such as silver or diamonds and say no to heavy pearls and chokers.

Don’t you think these lace blouse designs are too good for women to resist? If you haven’t tried this style yet, we strongly recommend that you hop on the train as soon as possible. Summer, spring or winter – lace blouses always feel fresh and can be turned into a pretty beauty within minutes. Since they are self-decorative, you don’t even have to worry about the accessories. So if you accept this trend?

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