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L Shaped Kitchen Designs

Every homeowner wants their home to look great and be spacious. Sometimes the kitchen is made small or shrinks to fit the space. For such a small shrinking area, the pantry kitchen or the L-shaped kitchen are preferred. The kitchen is furnished with the dining area inside. The cooker, cabinets and storage are arranged according to the available corner space, and a dining table or a bar table are set up to fill the space and adjusted according to style and space. As the name suggests, the L-shaped kitchen is arranged on a corner and attached to the corner.

Latest and best ideas for L-shaped kitchen designs:

Let’s look at the top 15 L-shaped kitchen designs.

1. Traditional kitchen designs:

The traditional L-shaped kitchen layouts are based on the traditional style. The stove, the table, the cupboard and all other furniture are furnished and equipped in a traditional style. These are new in the Indian style kitchen as they are mainly made from wooden furniture.

2. Contemporary kitchen designs:

These are the small L-shaped kitchen designs. The theme is chosen depending on the owner and the taste of the designer. The kitchen is decorated with a bit of theme and art. Although the kitchen has limited space, the kitchen and lighting looks luxurious.

3. Open Concept Kitchen Designs:

The open kitchen designs are L-shaped kitchen designs with an open side. The table and chairs are set up parallel to the stove and the L-shaped kitchen cupboards are set up at the corner of the intersection. These are usually preferred by larger families.

4. Kitchen style of the cathedral:

The cathedral kitchen designs are normal L-shaped cathedral ceiling style kitchen designs. The ceiling is designed like a cathedral church with hanging lights and gives the table a classy and beautiful look during lunch and dinner.

5. Center Island Style:

The style of the central island is similar to the concept of the L-shaped kitchen design. The table is in the middle of the kitchen furniture. The table is selected by style and space. A circular table is usually preferred. This offers a good space for a great family reunion.

6. Corner Pantry Kitchen Designs:

Corner pantry kitchen designs are the most commonly used L-shaped kitchen designs for Indian homes. The cabinet is on the same side as the oven where the supplies and containers are kept. The table for eating is connected to the stove marble and makes it easier to store and eat the cooked food.

7. Design of the kitchen in country style:

The L-shaped country-style kitchen design is intended for smaller spaces. The interior is designed as a barn and is converted into a country-style kitchen. The window is fitted with glass to allow a view of the garden. The kitchen style of the farmhouse brings a green natural style.

8. Ranch-style kitchen designs:

The ranch style kitchen design works best for larger homes and shows the style pursued in the U.S. The ranch style consists of a spacious arrangement of furniture and is equipped with lights to achieve an old ranch look. The wall and tiles are chosen depending on the style.

9. Modular kitchen:

The upcoming and trendy kitchen designs are the L-shaped modular kitchen designs. The modular kitchen focuses heavily on saving space and convertible furniture types. This arrangement simplifies the storage and use of the vessels and the cabinet. The L-shaped catalogs for modular kitchen designs are the first thing to be designed at home in Indian architecture today.

10. Broken L-shaped open kitchen design:

In order to achieve a different look with the regular L-shaped structural designers, designers came up with the idea of ??building a wall between the two tangential lines. The wall can be painted in a light color, which makes the design more attractive and pleasant.

11. L shaped with Peninsula Designed Kitchen:

Peninsula is a great idea for women who multitask by cooking and working at the same time. The L-shaped kitchen is accompanied by a side table that has the same finish as the L-shaped work station, where laptops or iPads can be placed.

12. Double L-shaped open kitchen design:

This brilliant design, in which two L-shaped worktops are arranged in parallel in an open kitchen design, is considered the best effort for furnishing the interior of the kitchen. The L-shaped structure is arranged in the opposite direction, so that an inverted L-shaped view is produced when viewed.

13. Small enclosed L-shaped kitchen design:

A small enclosed kitchen can be made into a huge, spacious room by neatly arranging the room. This is achieved by placing an L-shaped countertop with a built-in kitchen on the small side and a sink along the long shaft of the room.

14. Tall cabinets L-shaped kitchen design:

A traditional way of designing is many in number one. One such famous design is the L-shaped kitchen design with a tall cabinet design. The tall cupboards help save space and allow you to store items that are not used regularly. Tall cupboards can be reached via a foldable ladder.

15. Floating L-shaped kitchen design:

Indeed, this is the most modern idea for the kitchen design, where the worktop and worktop are floating in the air. This is achieved by screwing the L-shaped worktop to the side of the wall. The absence of the leg makes cleaning easier and maintains the shine and quality of the floor. This pure white painted kitchen design gives the modern house a royal look.

The L-shaped kitchens are the best idea for small and compact houses. The L-shaped kitchen layouts are thematically and stylishly designed to choose the house and the room. You can choose this design for your kitchen design. It doesn’t matter if you have a small space in the kitchen, then you can also try out a unique design with this type of L-shaped structure.

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