Kalamkari Blouse Designs: Traditional Indian Art-Inspired Blouse Designs for Sarees

Kalamkari Blouse Designs: Traditional Indian Art-Inspired Blouse Designs for Sarees

With increasing awareness of the importance of the hand weaving sector, the ancient art of Kalamkari is back in the fashion scene. Wearing a saree printed with Kalamkari is now considered fashion after many celebrities have chosen it for important events. In addition to the main curtains, Kalamkari blouse designs quickly gain importance due to their beauty and versatility.

Thanks to many designers and fashion experts, the centuries-old hand painting technique is experiencing a major revival. The introduction of the concept of a mix-and-match blouse with this shape has helped to close the gap between tradition and modernity. So if you are a fan of Kalamkari Saree blouse patterns and would like to draw a style request, read along!

What are the characteristics of Kalamkari blouses?

Here are some of the hallmarks of these timeless classics:

  • Kalamkari blouses are known for their earthy colors and vivid prints on pure cotton fabrics.
  • Pure Pen Kalamkari art uses only natural dyes and is therefore not very bright.
  • There are different styles of Kalamkari paintings that have many types of motifs and themes.
  • Each design is first created on a block, which is then dipped in the dye and printed on the fabric. This creates a floor plan.
  • Later colors and details are filled to bring the pictures to life.
  • As soon as they are finished, the fabrics are cut into the desired shapes and sewn according to the measurements.

Which sarees go with Kalamkari blouses?

The best thing about these beautiful blouses is their versatility. They can be worn in a variety of ways and each time provide astonishingly different looks. While simple saris are a safe bet, you don’t have to be afraid to experiment. Indeed, experts suggest trying a variety of combinations with these cholis and revealing your bold side. So let’s take a quick look at some of the suitable saree options with Kalamkari blouses:

  • Simple cotton sarees
  • Checks and Stripes Sarees
  • Zari Sarees
  • Linen sarees
  • Printed tussar sarees
  • Netted sarees
  • Georgette Plain Sarees
  • Pure silk saris
  • Kerala Kasavu Sarees

How to style Kalamkari blouses?

Follow these simple hacks and wear your artistic blouse in several ways:

  • For simple sarees or those with simple butis, choose a heavily printed pattern on the blouse. Try a long-style or jacket-style blouse instead of keeping it old-fashioned. Drape your saree in an unconventional style to make an impression.
  • If you want to travel with Silk Karees or Kanjeevarams, we strongly recommend that you choose a Kalamkari silk blouse instead of cotton. This can keep the size intact and complement the saree.
  • You can even try these blouses on flowing designer saris. Try high necklines, boat necks with deep back lines. Opt for subtle embellishments like mirrors, depending on the saree.
  • Avoid wearing blouses of the same color on cotton sari. It is always advisable to try a contrast color for an enhanced look.
  • Depending on the type of saree and the event, you can choose between metallic or earthen jewelry such as terracotta.
  • Keep your hairstyle simple and simple. Let the outfit speak for you!

Did you fall in love with these beautiful Kalamkari designs? Then take a look! Just go to your local shops that sell authentic hand-painted fabrics. Have your blouse designed according to your measurements, depending on the saree and the purpose of your outfit. It is also always wise to choose multi-purpose designs instead of choosing one design for each saree. This way you can rock the hand weaving trend like a cakewalk with just a few cholis!

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