Classic Entrances: Welcome with Iron Door Designs

Classic Entrances: Welcome with Iron Door Designs

When it comes to strength and durability, there is simply no competition for iron doors! Iron is one of the most readily available natural minerals and therefore quite affordable. It can also be easily molded into any shape to create artistic looking designs. This is why iron door designs are back with a bang and are gaining popularity like never before.

Iron doors not only provide superior security and protection, but also improve the beauty of your exterior. You can also give your home a first-class look, almost half the price of a normal door. In this article you will learn more about these doors, types, buying guides and 10 latest designs for iron doors for home use!

What is iron door?

An iron door consists of either cast iron or wrought iron. Cast iron is the natural form of iron that is heated and poured into a mold. Wrought iron, on the other hand, is processed with special tools before molding. Both are at risk of corrosion, which is why they have to be coated with rust-free coatings.

What are the different types of iron doors?

Here are some of the basic types of iron doors common on the market:

  • Double doors: The doors are attached to the frame with a hinge and work like normal doors.
  • Sliding doors: The frame is made of iron and the body can either be made of glass or other materials.
  • Grill doors: These doors are usually used for security purposes in residential and commercial areas.
  • Rolling gates: The doors are more like shutters that roll onto an upper frame. They are used for shops, offices, etc.
  • Decorative doors: These doors are very preferred for protection with style elements. They are available in various designs and operating modes.

What are the advantages of iron doors for your home?

If you are looking for an inexpensive, low maintenance and aesthetic looking door, an iron door is the best choice! Get to know the most important advantages of iron doors for your home:

  • Expensive look: There is no doubt that if you install a large iron door at the entrance people will inquire about the price of your property. Iron doors highlight the look of your exterior and attract attention.
  • High security: As one of the strongest metals on earth, iron is difficult to break in and damage. They are heavy and require special gas cutters to destroy them. For this reason, many home owners vouch for iron doors to ensure security!
  • Extra long lifespan: You can simply invest in these doors and forget about them for years to come, and sometimes even decades. If handled correctly, iron doors are susceptible to external pressure and weather changes.
  • Custom options: If you want bespoke doors, iron is easy to play. You can convert this metal into almost any style and shape you want. So you can have iron doors that are as unique as your taste!

Points to consider before buying iron doors:

If you want to understand how to buy the right iron door for your home, follow these expert tips:

  • budget: It all starts on a budget! You need to understand how much you can spend on an iron door that lets you choose from a number of options. Single iron doors are cheap compared to double wrought iron doors that can cost a bomb!
  • Maintenance: Never choose doors that require a lot of maintenance. You have to choose something that is more practical and easier to live with. Choosing wrought iron is ideal because it is easy and does not corrode like cast iron doors.
  • Design: After deciding on the two points above, you can now choose an iron door design for the house. Due to the variety of patterns and styles on the market, there is no room for compromise on an iron door.

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