How To Measure Bra Size: A Guide to Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Bra

How To Measure Bra Size: A Guide to Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Bra

A woman’s everyday friend and sound aid when she shows off her sensual curves, a feel-good factor on a boring office day or a special surprise for the other half on a special day. A bra can be available in different colors, areas, sizes and designs. Types, occasions and moods. But with every bra there is always a size problem with which many women always get stuck.

The wrong size of your intimate clothes is forever a storm in your closet where some bras fit well, and on the other days you want to know why the strap always cuts into your shoulder pads. First and foremost, although size is one thing, it is the cup size that is a nuisance to many others where the bra with the perfect size does not yet feel much closer to the soul.

That’s why we’re going to talk in this article about how to measure bra size so you can flaunt your curves perfectly without overcoming the previous problems.

How do you measure bra size?

Wearing a duvet shouldn’t make you so uncomfortable. The bra is a friendly help for the physical need and should be as easy as a walk in the park on a breezy summer evening. That’s why we take a look at the measurement steps to find the right bra size before we indulge in the favorite styles.

Before you start, just know the technology that allows you to determine your bra size along with the cups today using a simple online bra size calculator. Many websites like Victoria’s prestigious secret or even the online lingerie destination Zivame offer you this advantage. Before you choose the sneaky path, you need a correct number for your size. How to measure yourself against a bra:

  • To start the process, we need a suitable measuring tape, the flexible and a non-padded bra. Rummage in your closet and look for a bra that comes closest to your perfect fit. A light cup on the bra does no harm.
  • Now take the tape measure while standing in front of a mirror and bring it under your pits and through your back to the front where the corners should meet. The tape measure line should be just above the strap attached to your cup to maintain the top tape size.
  • Now we move to the lower band that is directly under your curve, more precisely to the membrane area. Use the same jump from your back and under your arms and let them hit you on the lower band.
  • Each time you get a separate number, which you can now write down and then enter in the size calculator to get your perfect size.
  • Now, to measure the bra cup size, try to loosely take the entire chest area. Let the tape go through your back again and connect it at the front. Make sure the tape is just over the top of your chest and takes up the entire width. Now calculate the cup size with simple calculations and derive the number. If your top band was 38 inches and the bottom band was 36 inches, all you have to do is peel off the two bands, and the remaining number will be cup size in alphabetical order. At the moment the difference is 38 and 36 2 and the cup size B.

Points to remember:

  • It is always preferable to ask someone else to help you read the numbers because you can bend down and read them to change the coordinates.
  • If we get an odd number, it is right to round it up to the nearest even number.
  • Cup sizes and even bra sizes change depending on the pattern, type and type. Therefore, not every bra type may give the same result.
  • You have the option to physically change from time to time, so a fitted bra last year may not be a favorite for this year, and so is the same. Check your size if you feel uncomfortable.

A few more tips:

  • If you want the same volume, try reducing the cup size, and if you want to decrease the volume, increase a cup.
  • Your bra will fit properly if there are no gaps and spills and your band is tight.
  • If your cup overflows and your ribbon fits perfectly, take a cup. For example, try switching from 36 B to 36 C or D instead of buying 38B.
  • If your band feels tight or loose and your cup fits perfectly, you can pull up a band (if it is tight) and make it one size smaller (if it is loose). From 36B you can try 34B and 38B, for example.

When you wear the right size, you feel comfortable, thinner and there are no bulging and ill-fitting garments. Your posture will be better and the weight of your bra will be evenly distributed with the bra of the correct size so that you don’t have any back pain.

Most women are the wrong size and it is uncomfortable. Many studies have shown that 80% of women wear the wrong bra size. Women need to flaunt their beauty and know that your chest girth is the perfect fit every time. I hope you now know how to measure bust size at home. Try this proven method to measure your bra size and wear the right size now. Remember that wearing the right size makes you feel nice overall.

I hope the article above will help you measure bra size. Read this article carefully to find the right bra size.

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