Opulent Glamour: Dazzle in Heavy Work Sarees

Opulent Glamour: Dazzle in Heavy Work Sarees

Indian women have always had a fascination for rich looking saris. Especially in the upcoming wedding season, every woman wants to look good and create lasting memories. Heavy work saris are the most sought after strains in the area of ??occasional wear. These saris are very richly decorated and filled with detailed patterns all over the body. They were once made exclusively for the royal women who are looking for attention with their luxury ensembles. These saris highlight a woman’s beauty and make her look radiant with the embellished fabrics. In this article we will examine the best models in Heavy Work Sarees and discuss these models in detail.

Meaning of sarees with hard work:

Saris that are rich in embroidery are known as “Heavy Work Sarees”. These elegant curtains are only selected for special occasions when you want to stand out from the crowd. The detailed work on these saris can bring the attention and size they deserve without the need for a lot of accessories. Heavy work Saris is available in both handmade and machine-made versions. Depending on your budget and requirements, there are a variety of options to choose from!

Characteristics of sarees with hard work:

Some of the outstanding features of Heavy Work Saris are as follows:

  • Heavy work saris are those that are decorated with all-over embroidery.
  • They involve a number of techniques and patterns on the same fabric
  • In addition to the thread work, the embroidery is also provided with crystals, pearls, stones and tsari.
  • Heavy work Saris, as the name suggests, can be heavy and can only be worn occasionally.
  • The maintenance costs for these saris are high because you can never wash them at home.
  • With these saris you can choose minimal accessories and still look great.

Heavy duty fabrics Saris:

Heavy duty sarees require a fabric that is strong enough to support the embroidery but light enough to allow the needle to pass through. Some of these fabrics that meet this requirement are georgette, chiffon, crepe, cotton, silk and mesh. These fabrics can be very durable and allow for a better life of the embroidery.

Preferred age group for sarees with hard work:

These saris are ideally preferred by younger women who want to show off their wealth. While some older women and middle-aged women choose them for weddings, they look much better with younger generations. Heavy work Saris with their weight and high level of detail keep the older generation away from them.

Suitable blouses with heavy saris:

Because the saree is so heavy in detail, it is advisable to keep the blouse simple. Some of the popular blouse designs are:

  • Simple fabrics
  • Individual stone work blouses
  • Short sleeve blouses with thread work
  • Long sleeve blouse with a net
  • Lace blouses with boat neck
  • Embroidered collar blouse
  • Mirror work blouse
  • Banarasi brocade with highlights

How to style heavy sarees?

These tips can help you style your heavy saris with grace and elegance:

  • If you choose a saree with hard work, make sure the occasion is great, otherwise you may look strange.
  • Heavy work saris are best styled with minimal accessories unless you are the bride.
  • Opt for polkis or simple gold jewelry to look bright in the event.
  • Combine it with matching bangles and / or a single statement bracelet
  • An embellished clutch is highly recommended for these saris
  • High-heeled sandals in gold and silver can offer a complete look

We hope you are totally impressed by these rich saris with hard work. You not only speak of size, but also of class and stature. Each of these saris is carefully designed so that the heavy work looks elegant and not gaudy. You can carry them to any large gathering to shine like a star and take the limelight. So what are you waiting for? With the wedding season just around the corner, it’s time to choose your favorite selection from this Saree collection for heavy work.

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