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Hanging Wall Clocks

We all have to decorate our home with beautiful things. The designs change from day to day. Now everyone likes to go back to old designs. Antique designs are very popular with home accessories. When it comes to hanging wall clocks, the current trend is to follow some antique designs. People prefer to hang big clocks in the hall, as everyone can see. There are many stylish designs for hanging wall clocks that you can own if you want to try something new.

Latest hanging wall clock designs

Here we have entered 15 simple and modern designs for hanging wall clocks with pictures. Let’s take a look.

1st round double-sided hanging clock:

This is a double-sided hanging wall clock with an antique touch. This has a cream-colored face with Roman numerals and French topography. This is a style that you can see in bus stops and train stations. Now you can take it home. Hang it in the entrance of your door so everyone can see when they enter or leave your house. This is easy to hang up and made of cast iron.

2. Hanging wall clock made of wood:

This is a simple little wooden hanging clock. It’s a handmade design that you can hang in the kitchen or bedroom. The design is simple with dials and there is a leather belt for hanging. Most people prefer it for the kitchen. This is a light watch and also very cute.

3. Antique style wall hanging clock:

Are you looking for a magnificent wall clock? Here is a perfect choice for you. Choose this beautiful antique clock wall hanging and decorate your hall. The watch looks like a sun and is made of metal. To show the time, dials are on it. It goes well with white wall paint.

4. Hanging porcelain wall clock:

If you want a small hanging watch design, this is a good choice. It is an ornate porcelain watch with a small dial. There is a metal chain on which you can hang it. The outer porcelain is four-sided and decorated with flower paintings. This small dial has Roman numerals. Hang it anywhere and make your wall look beautiful.

5. Vintage wooden hanging clock:

For those looking for a double-sided hanging watch, there is one. This is a double-sided hanging wooden wall clock that allows you to travel to a good time that is over. It rotates 360 degrees on a beautifully designed hook. You can open and close the watch with a hook and insert batteries there. This consists of high-quality machines and is also durable.

6. Peacock double-sided hanging wall clock:

Wall clock designs are many variations. Among them, this is a double-sided wall clock with a beautiful peacock on it. It is most popular to make your wall luxurious. This is a peacock clock and a hook where the clock shows. The area around the dial is made of porcelain and all numbers are Roman.

7. Grandfather’s Hanging Wall Clock:

Hanging grandfather clock is a very popular design. You can get it easily these days, but these types are a bit expensive. But the design will be worth the money. Everyone will notice this special clock on your wall. You can also hear ringtones every hour if you want. It is also made of high quality wood.

8. Hand-painted pendulum clock:

The hand-painted pendulum clock is an elegant selection that you can use to decorate your home. This has a plastic top and bottom, but the design gives your living space a perfect look. It has rhinestone inlays, hand details and gold-colored hands. This is a design you can try if you don’t want a very expensive one.

9. Vintage style hanging clock:

This is a handmade vintage style wall hanging for a clock. This is a small but elegant watch design that you can hang up anywhere. Best for bedroom, dining room etc. It also shows world time. The outer frame is made of wood and steel. The dial consists of Roman letters and a pointer in the middle. Decorate your home with the best design.

10. Bronze antique double sided clock:

Look for antique watch designs made from bronze metal. This is a hanging wall clock, which is provided on both sides with Roman letters. You can mount it on a wall and rotate it 360 degrees. Mount it in front of your door so that you can easily know a time. The watch is a vintage design and improves your home look.

11. Hanging wall clocks in zodiac style:

This is a rope hanging wall clock type and can decorate your home with it. This is a 1950s watch with modern machinery. Its round surface is mounted on a white metal body and a brass rim. Unlike dials, it has zodiac signs. It has a classic rope to keep it like a ship’s design.

12. Buckley Resin Deer wall clock:

There are different types of hanging clocks. If you want a unique design, choose from these watch types. The wall bracket has a deer horn design. It has a rustic look and the watch is small. The dial is made of wood with numbers. Hang it anywhere and get a vintage look.

13. Gold-plated hanging clock:

If you prefer a golden color, you might like this. It is a wall clock with a leaf pattern on a wall bracket. It is made of bronze material and is coated with gold. The dial frame is also golden with small numbers and a dial.

14. Antique wooden double-sided hanging clock:

Hanging wooden clocks are very stylish. You can decorate your home with this wooden wall clock that you can hang up. It looks like a screwdriver; You can adjust the direction by adjusting the screw. The dial is small and the design looks fantastic. The wood material is of high quality.

15. Bicycle wall hanging clock:

If you want to try something new, this bike design is stylish. Try this to decorate your hall and the design comes with a simple frame design and it looks like a cycle. The watch is light and can be hung anywhere.

Watches are always an integral part of our house. These are some high quality hanging wall clocks that you can try out for your home. Decorate it with a good antique design and be proud of your choice. Don’t worry about spending too much money.

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