Glamorous Touch: Golden Blouse Designs for Special Occasions

Glamorous Touch: Golden Blouse Designs for Special Occasions

What is a saree without a blouse? No matter how simple or rich your saree is, it is the blouse that will make or break your look! Choosing the right blouse is quite a challenge and sometimes we really have a blouse that can save us a lot of work. That’s why we present these beautiful golden blouse designs just for you! They can have a simple gold blouse and can be sorted for the entire season. Gold blouses can be combined with literally any colored saree. From Kanjeevarams to Chiffons, a pretty gold blouse can save the day for you! Read on to explore some of the trend designs.

How to choose a gold colored blouse

A metallic color like gold can sometimes be difficult. The tone of gold, the fabric and the texture can make a big difference in your look. Here are some key points to keep in mind when choosing a gold blouse:

  • Never choose poor quality, sticky materials. You can make them look loud.
  • Opt for subtle, muted gold fabrics like silk and brocade for a dignified look.
  • A self-designed golden blouse goes with every saree. Invest in it!
  • If you’re looking for an embroidered gold blouse, try neutral pieces like silver or stone to reuse it.
  • Opt for shimmering gold fabrics that go with flowing saris such as georgettens and chiffons.
  • Mesh and lace fabrics can give you a sensual look without exaggerating!

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