Traditional Elegance: Gharchola Sarees Style Guide

Traditional Elegance: Gharchola Sarees Style Guide

The Gharchola Saree is an ancient saree from the regions of Gujarat and Rajasthan. It started in Khambat in Gujarat, where these saris were used exclusively for weddings. Since Khambat was a port, many traders came from this place and brought in the silk weavers. This contributed to the size of the Gharchola saree. Since these weavers were good at the art of dying, they produced rich reds that are synonymous with wedding attire today.

The Gharchola Saree has a distinctive pattern that is a grid. This is used for brides to enter their new home. The word “Ghar” means “home” and “Chola” means “clothing”. So it is the costume that the bride wears when she enters her new home.

Gharchola Sarees meaning:

The Gharchola Saree is a traditional saree that shows the bride a welcome sign when she enters the groom’s house. Religiously, the groom’s mother gives this gharchola to the bride. She will then hang it over her head to show respect and blessings. This draping is also significant because it shows the mother-in-law’s love and care that she will now show to her new daughter-in-law. The gharchola is also used as part of wedding rituals when tied to the groom’s stole.

Gharchola Saree characteristics:

Gharchola saris are wedding sarees from Gujarat and Rajasthan.

  • The bride wears a gharchola as a dupatta, which she puts on her head.
  • One end of the saree is tied at the waist in a fold.
  • The other end is on the right shoulder.
  • You can also use this end of the saree to tie it to the groom’s stole. This usually happens during the rituals of the wedding when the couple walks around the sacred fire.

What fabrics are used in Gharchola Sarees?

The traditional Gharchola Saree is made from Venkatagiri cotton, a rich cotton from the state of Andhra Pradesh. This cotton feels good and shines, which makes it perfect for weddings. The cotton is also great for breathability and absorbs all rich colors like red, maroon etc. You can also use Gharchola sarees in a mixture of silk and cotton, but pure silk is not advisable. Gaji silk is the only type of silk that can withstand the dyeing process, and the complicated work is done on the saree.

What body shape do women prefer?

Since the gharchola is for brides, it doesn’t matter what body shape you are in. The saree is perfect for all types of brides. They can be small, large, slim or heavy. The Saree won’t let you feel different. You will look gorgeous and beautiful on your wedding day in a beautiful Gharchola Saree. So don’t let your body shape discourage you, because the Gharchola makes you look and feel like a queen on the most important day.

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