Exploring the Elegance of Georgette Sarees: Timeless Style

Exploring the Elegance of Georgette Sarees: Timeless Style

Given the increasing demand for newer designs and prints, it is quite a challenge for designers to choose the right fabric that supports their creative ideas. Thanks to their versatile properties, Georgette fabrics can replace almost any other fabric. They can support almost any print and color and are very durable. These fabrics are called Georgette after Madame Georgette de la Plante launched them in the late 20th century. They were originally made from pure silk. The yarns are twisted to make them strong and give them a net-like finish. They are very durable, tear-resistant and at the same time very skin-friendly. Read on to find out more about them and see some of the new Georgette Saree designs on the market.

Meaning of Georgette Saris:

Georgette was originally invented with the intention of creating a fabric that supports every print, color and design. The production of these fabrics requires a special twist of the thread in order to achieve maximum strength. For this reason, georgette have a long lifespan compared to other fabrics. They are low-maintenance and wrinkle-free. Modern georgetts are also quite simple in your pocket and you can get a good quality saree in just a few hundred rupees.

Properties of Georgette Sarees:

Here are some interesting facts about Georgette Saris:

  • Sarees made of georgette material are semi-transparent curtains that offer a clean fit for the body.
  • They have a slightly rough texture that goes with the twisted fabrics.
  • There are many types of georgetts like Jacquard Georgette, Stretch Georgette, Poly Georgette and Satin Georgette.
  • Modern georgette are made from synthetic polyester fibers to make them economical
  • Georgette Saris also support heavy embroidery, making them ideal for parties and occasional wear.
  • The fabrics have a high absorption property and are therefore easy to dye. The bonus is that these colors don’t run when washed.

Suitable age group for Georgette Sarees:

Georgette saris are suitable for almost all age groups. However, the type of color, design, and print used may be suitable for a particular segment of women. While young women choose bold, vibrant prints, middle-aged women choose subtle colors and sober prints. Georgettes are also preferred by brides for their sangeeth and receptions, which choose heavily embellished versions.

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