Welcome in Style: French Door Designs for Homes

Welcome in Style: French Door Designs for Homes

Ever heard of “French Doors”? What does the term remind you of? A big beautiful door, of course with large glass panes! French doors are known for their elegant looks and access to natural sunlight. Because ventilation is a top priority in modern homes, French door designs are a great option for patios and entry points. You light up your house and use daylight effectively. In addition, French doors give your room an incomparable aesthetic beauty that normal double doors cannot offer.

If you are not sure whether the French door is the right option for your dream home, read along! Find out all about these doors with a catalog of the latest designs for 2020.

What are French doors?

As mentioned above, French doors are mostly made of simple style glass panes or grids attached to a frame. They were invented in France in the 14th century to allow better light to enter the houses and were therefore given the name “French Doors”. These doors are more like large windows for your entrance and exit areas.

Different types of French doors:

If you think French doors are just elongated pieces of glass on a piece of wood, you’re wrong! French door designs are available in different versions for different purposes. Here are the top 3 strains on the Indian market:

  • External French doors: As the name suggests, these doors are used outdoors, mainly for garden or balcony areas. They open outwards to allow a better air and light flow.
  • French interior doors: These doors serve as separators between two rooms. The glass panes give the impression of a larger room in the house and provide adequate ventilation throughout the house.
  • French sliding doors: They are great space savers that can be used both indoors and outdoors. They generally have two sides, one fixed side and the other parallel to it. The doors are attached to an upper or lower rail for easy sliding.

Meaning of French doors in a house:

If you want to know the reasons for the hype about French doors, read on:

  • Bright sunlight: French doors are made almost entirely of glass and are your gateway to natural light. The large doors with better internal and external vibrations allow more air and ventilation in your room compared to solid wood doors.
  • Energy use: French style doors can dramatically lower your electricity bills. They enable better use of sunlight during the day and provide air conditioning with their thick glass panes.
  • Adds space to the rooms: A huge French door instead of a solid wall with a small door definitely creates more space for your house.
  • Improves Beauty: Whether for your terrace or your exit, French doors give your humble home a picturesque charm.

What needs to be considered before buying French doors?

Here are some expert tips to help you buy the “right” French door that fits your needs:

  • Materials: You have to choose the basic material of the door. Wood, aluminum and steel are the popular materials for these doors, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Wood is not suitable for wet weather, while its beauty is incomparable. Aluminum and steel are durable, but can become loud over time.
  • Glass: Glass distinguishes a French door from a normal double door. Analyze the purpose of your door before choosing the right glass panes. You can choose from options to reduce outside noise, regulate the temperature in the room, have highly secure hardened material or all of these.
  • Open inside or outside? Yes! This is a very important judgment. French doors that open outwards create more space in the room. In extreme weather conditions, however, these doors can be difficult to close or handle. Doors opening inwards take up space in the house, but welcome your visitors.
  • Single or double: Depending on the size of the wall, you can choose a single French door or double French doors for an additional cover.

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