Embrace Tradition with Floral Sarees

Embrace Tradition with Floral Sarees

When they came to the origin of the saree flower pattern, the sarees were first worn in the 15th century. This type of saree is known by different names in different states of India, such as Jamdani-Sarees, Phulkari-Sarees, Tercha-Sarees, Patola etc. was carried out while for marriages; the same was made by kumkum. In Bengal, on the other hand, the Saree with a floral pattern was hand-woven from various muslins in the Mughal era.

Traditionally, the Indian flower saree only received flower art on the Pallu des Sarees, as this was the only part of the Sarees that was popularly seen. However, over time, this has been done throughout the saree, and today various motifs, pearls, diamonds, etc. are added to give the saree a designer touch.

Meaning of flowers saris:

Have you ever seen flower pictures of saris? Each saree would give you a different look with different energy levels. The flower-printed saris are important for the care and maintenance of Hindu culture according to the Hindu Dharma. The saree symbolizes deity, self-confidence, kshatravrutti, modesty, motherhood and much more that reveal the strength of women. The saree teaches women to remain strong and spiritual in every situation and to replenish themselves, which stresses the negativity of the environment and also reduces extroversion.

Characteristics of flower saris:

Nature offers us various gifts and flowers are among the most important and life-sustaining gifts on earth. Even the latest floral sarees would come with features like

  • The best design to hold festivals like Pethar Amavasya, Durgashtami, Mahalaya Amavasya etc. that pray for happiness and wellbeing
  • The saree reduces the disinformation of humility
  • The floral sarees often help to increase the stability of the mind and concentrate the chitta
  • Aside from all of these, the floral print saris are associated with various religious and modernized features.

Which material is mainly used for the floral saris?

Whether you’re looking for traditional and simple sarees or the latest floral sarees, you can choose from a variety of saree fabrics. Whether georgette, silk, cotton, polyester, chiffon, net, cotton silk, velvet or any other material – the flower prints in saris have always given the saree a wonderful look that can be seen at a glance. Where in the priory only the pallus flower pattern was received, the complete saree is now decorated with different patterns of different flowers.

What body shape women are preferred for flower sari?

Regardless of whether you have an apple body shape, a lush, pear-shaped, large and slim or even a dainty body shape, the saris with floral prints have always given the wearer a perfect look. Here, too, the blouse selection plays an important role in addition to the material of the saree. For a slim look, the woman with the heavy body must wear a flower sari made of chiffon material or another saree made of thin material. In this way, different materials would be suitable for different body sizes to get the desired look.

Which blouse goes with the floral sarees?

The choice of blouse depends on the type of flower sari you choose. The blouses are available in all materials such as cotton, silk, cotton silk, polyester, etc., which offer a perfect combination or a perfect contrast to the saree. With the normal saris, a simple silk or cotton blouse is always worn, while with the designer saris the designer blouse is worn in various designs and decorative pearls, diamonds, etc. The simple saree is currently working with mostly unusual blouses in Kutch.

How to style floral saris?

The Indian floral saree can be worn in different styles. It can be worn in Kanjivaram style, Bengali style, Gujarati Pallu style and many more. The traditional sarees in floral designs mainly came with Pallu prints and were therefore worn like open Pallu, Gujarati style, etc., in which the Pallu was visible. Nowadays, however, the designer saree floral designs can be done in different ways to get a stylish look that allows the designer blouses to stand out.

Flower sarees or fief gas are designs that have always remained trendy. With changing styles, designs and works, the saris have always won hearts. Whether you’re looking for regular clothing or something heavy for important functions, the latest floral saris offer you a wide range of designs. Often put together with bright colors, the flower patterns are now also executed in bright colors, which give a unique appearance.

Do you want to add something refreshing and evergreen for every season and occasion? Try one of the designs above and beautify yourself.

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