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Fire Door Designs

When it comes to fire, you can take no risks with normal doors and infrastructure! According to the fire protection guidelines for buildings, every residential or commercial area with special fire protection door structures near the starting points must be prepared for possible fire breaks. In an emergency, these doors can prevent fire and smoke from spreading to other parts of the building.

Fire protection doors differ from normal doors in material, design and functionality. They also withstand extreme temperatures and minimize damage to life and property. Read on to learn more about the specifications, types of fire doors, and a catalog of 10 latest fire door designs.

What is a fire door?

The fireproof door is made of a special fireproof material such as glass, steel, plaster, vermiculite panels and even wood! These materials can withstand fire for at least 20 minutes to 90 minutes and give people enough time to evacuate the place. They are installed near the starting points such as stairs, corridors, etc.

What are the different types of fire doors?

A typical fireproof door must meet the established regulations and guidelines regarding quality, efficiency, design and durability. Before you choose the right door for your building, you need to know the different classifications of doors based on their materials

  • Glass doors: They are made with special fireproof glasses which, depending on their resistance to heat, flames and smoke, fall under 3 integration classes – class E, class EW, class EI. In addition, the glasses are classified into three types such as E30, E60 and E120, where E is the integrity and the number indicates the time of fire resistance provided. For example, E60 doors offer fire protection for up to 60 minutes.
  • Wooden doors: Although a normal wood can catch fire, wood fire doors are treated with special chemicals to withstand this. They are classified in FD30, FD 60, etc., where FD is the level of integrity and the number of minutes of fire protection offered.
  • Steel doors: They are made of galvanized steel to fight the fire. They are available in various designs such as cavity doors, panels etc. as well as internal insulation materials.

What is the purpose of a fire door?

Here are the main reasons why fire doors are worth investing in your building.

  • Fire doors prevent a small flame from spreading into extensive, uncontrollable fires.
  • They control the spread of fire, heat and smoke from one area of ??the building to another by acting as barriers.
  • Some of these doors are equipped with a self-closing mechanism to minimize fire exposure
  • By withstanding the fire for a long time, these doors can enable people to quickly exit the building.
  • They can also withstand very high temperatures of 200 ° C to minimize damage to buildings in the neighborhood.

Points to consider before buying fire doors:

Follow these instructions to understand how to choose the right fire door for your building:

  • Always invest in high-quality office and fire doors that offer the best fire protection. Find out more about the various certification assessments and the quality and durability of the materials.
  • If your building has an area where flammable items such as gasoline, chemicals, etc. are stored, choose a steel fire door as it is thick and effective.
  • If you want to choose wooden or glass doors, check the integrity and fire resistance before investing.
  • It is also recommended to buy a bespoke door instead of a pre-made one for better suitability and fit.
  • Talk to your seller about the best fire door brands, door warranty and maintenance guide.

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