False Ceiling Colour Ideas: Infusing Drama and Style into Your Living Space

False Ceiling Colour Ideas: Infusing Drama and Style into Your Living Space

A false ceiling is an important element of your interior and also the first thing that people notice. While traditional false ceilings are kept in plain white, they tend to yellow or fade over time, making them maintenance-intensive. For this reason, many new-age homeowners are interested in ideas for false ceiling colors that not only look different, but also redefine the overall aesthetics of your room.

But how do you choose the right false ceiling color for your room? Easy! The decision largely depends on the size of the room and the rest of the interiors. The rule is to choose a lighter color for a smaller room and a darker shade for a large room. You can even mix and match colors to achieve the popular “pop ceil” effect.

So read along to learn more about the latest color combinations for false ceilings and pictures to choose the best for your home.

Best color combinations for false ceilings with examples:

In this section we have tried to highlight different painted false ceiling color designs for different rooms and areas of your house:

1.Color combinations for false ceilings in the hall:

Check out this design that uses the most popular and best colors for false ceilings. The ceiling was divided into three sections, separated by two white bars. These areas are painted with mustard yellow, which adapts to the rest of the interior. Especially for a small room like this, this combination gives a warm and cozy feeling without being claustrophobic!

2. Pop ceiling color designs:

Here’s a quirky pop-ceiling idea that works well for sidewalks or smaller spaces. The “Color Pop” effect comes from the three circles inside the main ceiling, which are colored in catchy colors such as orange, purple, red and yellow. Though hidden in design, adding light brings out their true beauty against the simple white background.

3. Color combination for plaster ceilings:

Check out this amazing plasterboard ceiling. The turquoise ceiling not only attracts our attention with its lively color, but also impresses us with its design. Inspired by Moroccan art, this blanket will take your interior to the next level. Once you’ve chosen this design, keep the rest of your interior in white and the furniture in lighter shades.

4. Wrong ceiling colors for the living room:

Although black isn’t very common, using a darker color like this can create an enveloped feel. Your room also appears more uniform and fits seamlessly into the remaining walls. When choosing this scheme, remember to keep the remaining space white. This option may work for smaller rooms, but gives the illusion of a crowded area.

5. Bedroom false ceiling color:

If you’re tired of choosing white, go for this dramatically different color combination. The green walls contrast with a light blue ceiling that gives your room a whole new look. Even the furniture is chosen so that it matches the color of the walls. To achieve a neutral effect, white borders are drawn on the floor and the windows. This topic is ideal for growing children.

6. Wrong ceiling edge color:

The edge of a false ceiling is technically called a crown shape. It is mostly white to match the white blanket, or, in the case of one, to contrast it. This is a completely different idea. The ceiling and the wall are colored light gray and the brown border separates them optically and emphasizes the walls.

7. Multi-colored painted false ceiling:

Bring your child’s room to life with this multi-colored false ceiling. The green color is painted on the base that extends to the main wall. The side walls are colored in peach orange, which is used for the decorative elements of the ceiling. In order to brighten up the entire environment, a yellow projection is attached in the middle.

8. Designer false ceiling colors:

If you are interested in ebony and ivory, this color scheme is perfect for your bedroom. The classic combination of wood and white not only looks subtle, but also gives the room a sophisticated look. The middle part of this ceiling is made of glass, under which light bulbs are attached for mood lighting. It is surrounded by wood paneling that matches the rest of the interior theme.

9. Decorative colored false ceiling:

Check out this false ceiling in white and green. The entire room is kept in a classic white, while here and there neon green tones are added. The ceiling is white, but the centerpiece has a green decorative element that hides the fan wiring while adding beauty. You can choose different color schemes depending on your taste.

10. Kids Colored False Ceiling Theme:

Does your child like cartoons? Then let yourself be inspired by this smurf-themed room! The colored false ceiling has a 3D effect with a realistic image of clouds on the background. This is supported by a white border that runs through the room. You can try a variety of themes like Princess, Frozen, Chota Bheem, etc. and try a similar style.

These are some of the best colored designs for false ceilings for your dream home. These images are placed here to give you a basic idea of ??how to plan a room and what colors can be used in it. Also ask your designer to give you a catalog of basic patterns and explain your requirements and color options. Depending on that, you can combine different styles and colors to bring your own ceiling concept to life!

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