Dupion Silk Sarees: Luxurious and Elegant Drapes for Every Occasion

Dupion Silk Sarees: Luxurious and Elegant Drapes for Every Occasion

The dupion silk is also known as dupioni or douppioni. This is a 100% pure raw silk material that is completely natural. The origins were created through a mixture of weaving techniques in which fine thread and uneven thread are mixed together. This creates a dense garden material with a very high gloss. The shine of this fabric is perfect. The Dupion silk saree made with this technique has a wonderful sheen and the history of this saree is visible to everyone. So saris like the Dupion Pattu sarees, Dupion embossed saris etc. have great value in the market. Weddings and special occasions are the time when these saris are bought. In this category you will find the best saris for the most beautiful day of your life.

Dupion Silk Sarees meaning:

Because dupare silk sarees are made from the very best silk, the importance of these sarees is paramount. The raw silk used in this fabric is perfect for a fine finish. This is ideal for wedding sari where the bride has to look the best. The shiny effect of the sarees made of pure dupion silk is exactly what is needed in the sarees for weddings. So if you are considering which material to choose for your wedding or other important day, then Dupion silk is the right choice for you.

Dupion Silk Saree features:

The many features of the Dupion silk sari are:

  • The shiny effect on the saree gives a rich feeling.
  • The shine of the saree is bright and the colors stand out brilliantly.
  • The texture of the saree is thick, so that it sits well on the body.
  • It looks very stunning when draped.
  • The pure silk used in the saree fabric makes it precious and expensive.
  • It goes well with gold, silver or thread work on the body, palla or border.

What fabrics are used in Dupion Silk Sarees:

The Dupion silk saree is a natural fiber fabric made from pure raw silk. It consists of a mixture of mulberry silk and raw silk. The fabric used in the Dupion silk saree is what you get from natural materials. So you are sure to have something that is not refined or machine made. This purity of the fabric distinguishes the Dupion silk saree. You will find that the cost of these saris is the best designer saris.

Which body shape women are preferred:

Because the Dupion saris are made from pure silk material but have the texture of raw silk, they are perfect for any body shape. If you are slim, the saris fall beautifully over your body. The saris forgive even if you are overweight and have a fuller body. You can leave the palla of saris loose, creating the illusion of a thinner frame. Make the most of these great silk sari.

How to style Dupion Silk Sarees:

To style a Dupion silk saree, make the following notes:

  • Most Dupion silk sari should be left loose on the palla so that the complicated palla work is clearly visible.
  • If you want to nail the palla down, make a small crease out of it to make the saree look stunning.
  • Traditional Dupion saris are worn with the palla on the left shoulder. You can also try the front crease.
  • Adding some intricate accessories can also add to the glamor of the sarees.

Pure dupion silk sarees are a rage among saree lovers. Since the purity of these saris is valuable, it is also part of a bride’s collection. Dupion silk sari have a wonderful sheen and texture that is incredible. With intricate handwork, golden edges, etc., these saris transform into something spectacular. With the different types like Banarasi, Pattu, embossed, poly, tussar etc. A woman is literally spoiled for choice. So take your time and check out the different types of Dupion silk sari we mentioned here. Buy the best for a one-time purchase that lasts forever.

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