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Dungaree Pinafore Dress

Dungaree Pinafore Dress

The dungarees or apron is a kind of dress that has a skirt and the top is fitted with straps. The skirt can be long or short and usually has pockets on the sides. The front flap is also provided with a large pocket. The straps are wide or thin and are held together with clips. You can choose a dungaree strap dress for your college life or even for everyday use.

Here we present a list of dresses in dungarees or apron style. This list contains 25 different types of dresses that you will like. The patterns are mostly casual and simple. You can choose the ones you like based on the neck designs or the length of the dress. The classic and stylish dungarees should be part of your collection. There are also dresses that can be worn for parties and occasions due to the material from which they are made. Try these beautiful styles and have fun being sexy.

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