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Drawing Room Ceiling Designs

Drawing Room Ceiling Designs

Salon, entrance hall, living room, whatever you call it, is a room that you spend most of your time at home. You have to make sure that it looks good and also leaves lasting impressions on your visitors. If you want to invest in the aesthetics of this space, you simply cannot overlook the importance of a stylish salon false ceiling design.

A carefully planned blanket not only gives your home a glamorous statement, but can also serve many purposes. It can save energy, provide acoustic protection and give a comfortable and cozy interior feeling. So if you’re looking for a perfect false ceiling design for the salon, scroll down to discover some popular ideas.

Latest living room ceiling designs:

Here are our 10 simple and best living room ceiling designs that inspire. Let’s take a look.

1. Latest ceiling design for the salon:

Check out this gorgeous ceiling design for your salon. The block-shaped design covers the entire length and width of your seating area and separates it from the rest of the room. A hollow ceiling hangs on the roof and is highlighted with bright lights. You can use the middle part for a designer fan or a chandelier.

2. Suspended ceiling designs for salon with fan:

Check out this elegant and refined false ceiling design for your living room. The classic monotone style has a brown interior, including the roof area. Crowd molding is white to highlight the joint, and the rest of the ceiling is designed in a modern pop design that also accommodates a large fan.

3. Suspended ceiling designs for salon with lights:

This royal-inspired look is ideal for large rooms with higher seating capacity. The beautifully designed ceiling has a hanging pop element hanging from the roof. The distance between them is filled with dim light to adjust the mood in the room. Note who uses the square rooms to hold glass chandeliers.

4. Pop Ceiling Design for Salon:

If you have a studio apartment with a single large room for all of your utilities, this ceiling technique is a great idea. The pop false ceiling is designed differently in different areas of the room. You may notice that the roof over the seating area differs from that over the kitchen worktop. This helps with a clear demarcation without the need to build walls in between.

5. PVC ceiling design for the salon:

While a wooden ceiling certainly looks good, it has a high price! PVC or polyvinyl chloride makes a clear difference here. It resembles a finished block of wood in every way, unless you notice it carefully and costs almost a quarter of real wood. With this material you can highlight the middle of your blanket.

6. Wooden ceiling designs for the salon:

Wood gives every home a stylish element. It can isolate the room and optimize your energy savings. This is a rustic wooden ceiling is a great idea to decorate the roof of your living room. It is a simple arrangement of wooden boards that are placed in the middle of your false ceiling. This simple idea can change the overall appearance of your interior.

7. Simple wall ceiling design for the salon:

The size of a living room should never be a limitation on the interior. You can choose this unique style of ceiling and matching wall design to emphasize the beauty of the room. The PoP false roof gets a modern look with wood accents. To continue the theme, the side wall has a statement in white faux slats.

8. Luxury ceiling design for the salon:

Give your home a touch of luxury with this stunning ceiling design. This roof idea of ​​a combination of pop and plaster raises the appearance of your interior to a whole new level. The recessed ceiling has a middle T-bar, which consists of glossy black plasterboard. The reflective properties of this element can change the beauty of your home.

9. Living room ceiling color / paint design:

It looks like colored false ceilings are trendy today! Using soothing paint to color your roof not only brightens up your room, but is also an inexpensive way to beautify your surroundings. You don’t have to invest a lot of material or accessories in this concept. However, choose your furniture carefully to match the color scheme.

10. Ceiling decoration in the salon:

This exquisitely crafted blanket is sure to give you a stiff neck syndrome because you want to look at it all day long! The basic false ceiling gets a luxurious feel by adding a beautifully carved sheet of wood to the four sides of the roof. A baroque style chandelier hangs in the middle for a palace like a feeling!

These are some of the best living room ceiling designs you can try! Before you decide on a particular style, we recommend that you talk to the designer about your budget, your requirements and the visualization you visualize. On this basis, you can try out a variety of models and even have them customized to your taste. These blankets may cost you a bit more effort and money, but are worth every minute and every penny of you!

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